Touch of Wild

Study wild animals and their habitats and pursue a career in wildlife conservation. As a wildlife biology student, you’ll learn about fish, birds, mammals and more. But you’ll also focus on ecology, population biology, conservation genetics and learn critical thinking and quantitative skills so you can become a leader in bringing science to the dynamic management of fish and wildlife. In recent years, we have ranked as the No. 1 Wildlife Biology program in the U.S. and Canada for the quality and productivity of faculty research. Our location in the heart of the Rocky Mountains means unparalleled access to wildlife and wild places, and we take full advantage of it by emphasizing hands-on, field-based learning. This program will prepare you for graduate school or many jobs connected to the study, management and conservation of wildlife. Come join students from across the nation and around the world who share your passion for wildlife.

# 1

wildlife biology program in North America based on research productivity (Academic Analytics, 2016)


countries and 44 states represented by wildlife biology students


oldest wildlife biology program in the country, founded in 1936


peer-reviewed scientific publications published by faculty and students in the past three years