ATS can create captions for videos  - especially for videos created on campus. (DSS provides captioning for courses with identified students.)

We have a special process for campus created videos that makes recording and captioning them completely automatic for you. (This process includes the special ATS caption touch up and quality control check.) We will send you your captions in .srt file format. The video below shows you how to add these captions to your YouTube account.

However if you wish to be more involved, ATS can support you while you create your own transcript for captioning.  You can help by transcribing some of your YouTube videos (using these directions).  YouTube provides an easy to use interface for transcription and an auto-sync option for videos.  (Watch the video below to get started.)

Once a transcript exists, ATS *highly* recommends that you send your transcription text and your video to them for synchronizing review and touch up so that DCMP guidelines can be met for all UM videos.