EIT Accessibility

How do I make my content accessible?

This website provides you with step-by-step guides for making particular types of content accessible. Consult the pages here that are most relevant for the technologies you're using.

UM Recommendations

  • Web forms are the easiest to make accessible (use Qualtrics).
  • Avoid highly non-standard publications and presentations (ISSUU and Prezi). If absolutely necessary, provide accessible PDF option.
  • Hardware specific recommendations
  • Document specific recommendations

2016 EITA Survey

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  • free emergency captioning
  • free emergency document remediation 
  • alt text production work

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What is accessibility?

For many of us, access to education, employment, and the community is limited, for a variety of reasons. When we talk about accessibility, we're talking about making it easier for everyone to participate in the things that the University has to offer, whether it's in the classroom, on the internet, or in the physical environment on campus.

What is accessible technology?

Accessible electronic and information technology is technology that can be accessed by people with a wide range of abilities and disabilities. When technology has been developed with accessibility in mind, incorporating the principles of universal design, all users are able to interact with the technology in the ways that work best for them. Accessible technology may be usable without assistive technology or may be compatible with standard assistive technology such as screen readers.