International Academic Records

Academic Eligibility

First-year students: To be eligible for admission, freshman students must have met/be on track to meet all upper/senior secondary school requirements with the equivalent of a 2.5 GPA to be automatically considered for admission to undergraduate programs.

Transfer students: Transfer students must have graduated from secondary school and completed at least 12 university-level credits (1 semester) with the equivalent of a 2.0 GPA.

UM Undergraduate Admissions uses a 4.0 unweighted scale to determine GPA. If your school does not calculate GPA, we will calculate it for you when we evaluate your academic records. 

Documents for Admission

Secondary school students/graduates: Please submit academic transcripts/mark sheets for grades 9-12 and secondary school leaving certificates, exam results or diplomas showing secondary school completion (if applicable)

Students who have completed at least one semester (12 U.S. credits) of university or post-secondary study: university transcript/mark sheets/exam results listing all courses, grades and credits/hours and diplomas/graduation certificates (if applicable). Students who qualify for transfer do not need to submit secondary school documents.

English translations: All documents not originally issued in English must also be accompanied by word-for-word English translations. You, the applicant, can make the translations yourself.

Admission consideration for international applicants can proceed with unofficial documents. Unofficial documents are photocopies or scans of original academic documents submitted to University of Montana directly by you, the student. Unofficial documents can be uploaded to your admission portal.

For country-specific information, please click on the link below:


Documents for Enrollment

If you submitted unofficial academic documents for admission consideration, you will need to submit official documents (see definition below) prior to enrollment or for transfer credit evaluation. Official documents will also be required prior to scholarship consideration for transfer students. Official documents must be originals issued directly to UM from the school or examination body. PLEASE NOTE: Scans or photos of documents, documents uploaded or emailed by students, parents are NOT acceptable. A registration hold will be placed on your student account until this document requirement is met.

For more specific information on required documents for enrollment and acceptable electronic delivery options, please visit the Country-Specific Documents page.

Request that all original documents be sent directly to: 

University of Montana Undergraduate Admissions 
Attn: Evaluations 
Gilkey Building
950 Arthur Avenue
Missoula, MT 59812  

If only one original is ever issued and you do not want to send it in the mail, you can submit it to the office below upon your arrival at University of Montana.  

Official, original documents are documents that have been issued by a school, educational institution, or examination body on school or organization letterhead directly to the University of Montana Undergraduate Admissions office. Original documents will show school stamps or raised seals, signatures, watermarks or other security provisions.

Official, attested copies may be acceptable in place of original documents under certain conditions. Official, attested copies are photocopies of original documents that have been attested (certified), usually by the same office that issues the original documents. Official, attested copies must show an official stamp or seal, be sealed in an envelope, and be stamped and signed across the back flap of the envelope by the same office that attests/certifies the copies. Notarized documents are NOT considered official. Envelopes that have been opened before reaching University of Montana are no longer considered official.  

University of Montana reserves the right to send any documents for verification or to request additional evaluation which may cause delays. To avoid complications and delays, it is advised that you arrange for original documents to be sent directly to UM using our Academic Credential Request Form.

International Transfer Credit Evaluation

University of Montana Undergraduate Admissions can accept international transcripts and credentials from Ministry of Education-accredited universities for transfer credit evaluation. The UM Admissions office evaluates all academic documents for our undergraduate programs. Upon submission of all requested documents, University of Montana Undergraduate Admissions will evaluate your previous coursework for general and elective credit transfer.

For a complete transfer credit evaluation, international students must submit original university transcripts. Please see note above on what qualifies as an original transcript.

If detailed information about the courses you took is not publicly available online, you may also be asked to submit additional course descriptions or syllabi before we can complete a full transfer credit evaluation. All requested documentation needs to be submitted at least 30 days prior to the start of the semester for which you want credit applied. Credits evaluated and approved after this deadline will be applied for the following semester.

If you need your international coursework to meet requirements in your major, you will need to work directly with your home academic department at UM to determine appropriate course equivalencies and substitutions.

The University of Montana reserves the right to require further verification of all transcripts and academic records. Sending for verification may delay the evaluation and credit transfer process.

Independent Credential Evaluation

UM International Admissions does accept independent course-by-course transfer credit evaluations submitted directly to UM Undergraduate Admissions by NACES international credential evaluators such as WES, ECE, Educational Perspectives, etc. Requesting an independent evaluation report is not required to complete your admission file at UM, but may result in faster processing and credit transfer. If you choose to submit an evaluation report from an independent credential evaluator, you are still required to submit official documents to UM in addition to the report.