Early to College Dual Enrollment - Main Campus

The Dual Enrollment program enables high school students of outstanding ability to earn college credit by taking classes at the University of Montana and Missoula College. Dual Enrollment tuition is 50% of the Resident Missoula College/2-year tuition rate. Mandatory and non-mandatory fees are not assessed, except for applicable course fees. Dual Enrollment students are not eligible to use campus services (i.e. Campus Recreation Center, Athletic Facilities) and are not charged fees for these services. A College Credit only course awards college credit, but not high school credit, for a college course taken by the high school student.

If you plan to enroll at any of the University of Montana campuses as a college student after high school, you must apply as a regular undergraduate student.  This includes: submission of an undergraduate application, $30 application fee, and a final high school transcript showing graduation or an official HiSET Score report. 

Dual Enrollment Student Eligibility

To be eligible for a dual enrollment course, the student must:

  1. be enrolled in a Montana high school district (to participate in dual enrollment opportunities, home-schooled students may enroll in dual enrollment classes via the district in which they reside).
  2. be between the ages of 16 – 19.
  3. have successfully completed the required high school classes at that grade level and be on track for high school graduation within a four-year construct.

Dual Enrollment Release Form

Course Selection:

Registration for the Dual Enrollment program depends on availability and prerequisite requirements. For example, a student wanting to take Photography or Dance at the college level may be restricted because those courses are reserved for undergraduate photography or dance majors. Special instructor approval is required to register for some courses. Students should meet with their high school guidance counselor to discuss courses that make sense for their long term goals. The General Education and Writing Courses website is a good place to start.

University of Montana Dual Enrollment students wishing to take advantage of the discounted tuition rate are restricted to college-level, 100 and 200-level courses at all campuses. Students wishing to enroll in developmental courses (e.g. M 090, WRIT 095) or upper-division courses (300-500 level) will be charged the full, regular cost tuition and fees upon registration.

Math Placement Test:

If registering for a college level math course, students are required to complete a math placement test. Test scores are automatically sent to UM.


  • Step 1: Download application materials listed below.
  • Step 2: Complete application and return to UM.
  • Step 3: Class registration. This is where you get to experience the virtual world of college registration. Once you are admitted and complete the math placement test (if registering for math) you can login to CyberBear to register for your classes.
  • Step 4: Pay for your classes. Follow the instructions provided on CyberBear for fee payment or contact Business Services at (406) 243-2223.
  • Subsequent Registration: Registration for future semesters follows the same procedures. Although no application is required, a new signed registration form is required each semester.

Payment Deadline:

Students must pay their Dual Enrollment program fees in full before the 15th instructional day. Please login to CyberBear to finalize your payment. If you need additional support please see IT Support.


If you have questions or need to withdraw or cancel dual enrollment, please contact the UM Registrar at (406) 243-2995. For all payment questions please contact Business Services at (406) 243-2223 or check Financial Aid in CyberBear.