Mission Statement

ADSUM's main purpose and objective on campus is to expand acccessiblity at the University of Montana for students with disabilities and members the campus commmunity. ADSUM is dedicated to identifying and eliminating architectural, programmatic and attitudinal barriers on campus, ensuring the civil rights and equal access for students with disabilities in higher education.


  • Work with the University to ensure equal programmattic access for all students. The University of Montana has done much to ensure equal program access for students with disabilities beginning in the early 1990s. ADSUM believes strongly that students with disabilities must drive this process.
  • Give students with disabilities a sense of solidarity. If you have an issue about access on campus – chances are someone else has the same issue. If we all work on issues we can be a powerful force for change!
  • Educate students with disabilities about access and how they can be involved in access issues. What is the University legally required to provide?
  • Bringing students with disabilities together to improve access!

What ADSUM does to achieve its goals

  • Get ADSUM members on key committees that plan, implement and oversee areas that affect accessibility at UM.
  • Identified accessibility barriers by meeting with students with disabilities at UM.
  • Works through Administrative mediation channels to achieve timely and effective accommodations and break down barriers to accessibility.
  • Represent students with diabilties, barriers encountered and address potential barriers to accessibility in the campus environment on the University of Montana ADA/504 Committee.
  • Provides a space in our office where students with disabilities can meet, share ideas, barriers and strategies to effective barrier removal.
  • Membership on the Educational Information Technology Task Force working to ensure that all technology used by UM is accessible and usable by students with disabilities.
  • Lobbying ASUM student government to continue its fiscal support for our organization which represents over 1,200 students with disabilities registereed at UM - well over 10% of the student popoulation 2011-2014.