Constitutional Review Board

  • Section 1 . There shall be a Constitutional Review Board which will decide upon questions relating to the constitutionality of ASUM Bylaws or policies.
  • Section 2 . The Constitutional Review Board shall consist of five (5) members recommended by the President and confirmed by a two-thirds (2/3) vote of the ASUM Senate. No ASUM Executive or Senate member may serve as a member of the Constitutional Review Board.
  • Section 3 . Any member of the Association may petition the Board to review any matter concerning the constitutionality of ASUM Bylaws or policies.
  • Section 4 . All decisions made by the Constitutional Review Board shall be binding. Appeals to decisions of the Board shall be in the form of a Constitutional Amendment.
  • Section 5 . Decisions of the Board shall be enforced by the relevant boards, executives, or the ASUM Senate. If decisions are not enforced, the Board shall initiate removal proceedings against the relevant officer or member. The Board may direct the Board on Budget and Finance to freeze funds of a board, committee, or other part of ASUM which is not in compliance with the Constitution.