ASUM Personnel Policy

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  • 1.1 The Equal Employment Opportunity Program is applicable to all ASUM employees. In general, all positions must be advertised and applications must be accepted and evaluated for job-related criteria.
  • 1.2 All ASUM classified personnel are ultimately responsible to ASUM Executive Officers and the Senate. For legal purposes, the Director of ASUM Legal Services and the ASUM Accountant as Co-Personnel Supervisors are the directors of classified employees.
  • 1.3 All agency directors must obtain approval from a Personnel Supervisor for all hiring, firing and discipline of classified employees, unless mandated by licensing laws.
  • 1.4 All adverse classified staff actions should adhere to the Memorandum of Understanding signed October 17, 2007. 


  • 2.1 Student Personnel are defined as work-study and non-work study.
  • 2.2 An ASUM student employee is defined as one enrolled for six (6) credits or more, in good academic standing, and working less than forty (40) hours per week.
  • 2.3 Positions with monthly designated base hours may not be compensated beyond that base, unless authorized by the ASUM Senate.
  • 2.4 Rates and base hours shall be enumerated on the table below. Employees working less than the full number of required hours in any given time period shall receive a prorated amount of their monthly wage based upon the above hourly figure. (For example, if an employee has a designated base salary of 80 hours and worked only 20 hours during the time period, the employee's wages will be prorated.)
  • 2.5 All agency directors have discretion regarding all hiring, firing and discipline of student employees. Should the need for on-the-spot termination of student employees arise, the ASUM President and an ASUM Personnel Supervisor must be immediately informed and grant approval. The ASUM Child Care Director is exempt from this due to child endangerment laws as governed by licensing standards.
  • 2.6 ASUM Executives and Senators are ineligible to hold the directorship of any agency.
  • 2.7 Any senator who is employed by a student group or gains monetarily from an ASUM student group is strongly encouraged to abstain from any vote that would affect said student group.


If funded by the Senate, positions subject to these provisions shall include, but are not limited to, the following:

 ASUM President Minimum Wage + $.50 115.00
 ASUM Vice President Minimum Wage + $.50  105.00
 ASUM Business Manager Minimum Wage + $.50  85.00
 ASUM Student Political Action Director Minimum Wage + $.25 40.00-60.00
 ASUM Resolution Officer Minimum Wage + $1.00 40.00
 ASUM Sustainability Coordinator $13 80.00
 ASUM Legal Services Receptionist Minimum Wage + $.45 76.00
 ASUM Secretary $9.00


 ASUM Web Developer Minimum Wage + 1.05


UM Productions

 Program Director Minimum Wage + $.50  80.00
 Concert Coordinator Minimum Wage + $.30 80.00
 Assistant Concert Coordinator/ Minimum Wage + $.20 80.00 (event-driven)
 Office Assistant Minimum Wage 40.00 (as office assistant)
 Graphic Design Coordinator Minimum Wage + $.30 80.00
 Marketing Coordinator Minimum Wage + $.30 80.00
 Event Staff Manager Minimum Wage + $.50  Variable*
 Assistant Event Staff Manager Minimum Wage + $.30  Variable*
 Stage Manager Minimum Wage + $.50 ($9.30 on show day) Variable*
 Assistant Stage Manager Minimum Wage + $.30 ($9.10 on show day) Variable*
 Women's Center
 Outreach Coordinator Minimum Wage + $.25 50.00
 Volunteer Coordinator Minimum Wage + $.25 50.00
 Office Coordinator Minimum Wage + $.25 50.00
 ASUM Child Care
 Teachers' Assistants Minimum Wage 40.00-60.00
 Program Coordinator Minimum Wage + $.25 60.00
 Off-Campus Renter Center
 Ambassador Program Manager $10.00 40.00
 Neighborhood Ambassadors (5) $8.50 20.00
Outreach Coordinator Minimum Wage 32.00



Kaimin (News)
Editor Minimum Wage + $0.70 90.00
Sports Editors Minimum Wage + $0.70 80.00-85.00
News Editors Minimum Wage + $0.70 80.00
Design Editor Minimum Wage + $0.70 80.00
Photo Editor Minimum Wage + $0.70 80,00
Web Editor Minimum Wage + $0.70 60.00
Arts Editor Minimum Wage + $0.70 60.00
Reporters Minimum Wage + $0.70 20.00-40.00
Copy Editors Minimum Wage + $0.70 20.00-30.00
Photographers Minimum Wage + $0.70 20.00-30.00
Designers Minimum Wage + $0.70 20.00-30.00
Columnists Minimum Wage + $0.70 10.00
Kaimin (Business)
Business Manager Minimum Wage + $0.70


Commission Rate @ 5% of Sales

Ad Reps Commission Rate @30% of Sales


Office Assistants Minimum Wage + $0.70 40.00-50.00
Graphic Designer Minimum Wage + $0.70 35.00-45.00
KBGA Radio
General Manager Minimum Wage + $.50 80.00
Program Director Minimum Wage 80.00
Assistant Program Director Minimum Wage 40.00
Music Director Minimum Wage 80.00
Business Manager Minimum Wage + 15% Commission 80.00
Media Director Minimum Wage 80.00
Promotions Director Minimum Wage 80.00
Office Manager Minimum Wage 80.00
Productions Engineer Minimum Wage 80.00
Underwriting Coordinator Minimum Wage + 15% Comission 40.00
Volunteer Coordinator Minimum Wage 80.00
ASUM Office of Transportation
Office Assistant Minimum Wage-$8.50 40.00-80.00
Outreach Coordinator Minimum Wage-$8.50 40.00-60.00
Bus Drivers $8.50-$12.00 40.00-80.00
Bike Ambassadors Minimum Wage 40.00-60.00
*hours as needed, event-driven


3.1 During the non-academic year, ASUM Executive Officers may be compensated on an hourly basis according to University Student Employment Policies. The compensation for non-academic months shall be as follows:

  • ASUM President: 100 hours per non-academic month.
  • ASUM Vice President: 70 hours per non-academic month.
  • ASUM Business Manager: 60 hours per non-academic month.

3.2 The ASUM Student Political Action Director will be paid at 40 hours per month during a non-legislative year and at 60 hours per month during a legislative year. The ASUM President may assign summer work with compensation as needed, not to exceed 40 hours per month.

3.3 The ASUM Student Resolution Officer will be paid at 80 hours per month.

3.4 The Training wage for ASUM Transportation drivers shall be $8.50. Upon completion of training, the wage shall be $9.50. Returning drivers will receive $.25/hour raise after each semester of work. UDASH drivers will receive an additional half hour of pay while working the late shift on weekends (10:30 p.m. to 3:00 a.m.). Student Lead Driver will receive a $1.00/hour raise when promoted to Lead Driver.

3.5 Personnel Policy may be amended by the ASUM Senate.


    • 4.10 ASUM President. The President shall provide direction for all ASUM Agencies, student employees, and classified employees. The President shall uphold all expressed policies, Bylaws, Fiscal Policy, Personnel Policy, and the Constitution of ASUM.   The President of ASUM shall act as Personnel Co-Supervisor of all ASUM classified staff.  The ASUM President must be an activity fee-paying member of ASUM for the entire term of office.  The President shall establish and post office hours; shall be the official spokesperson of ASUM; may sit as a non-voting, ex-officio member on all ASUM committees and boards except the Constitutional Review Board; may call emergency meetings of the ASUM Senate; such notices shall be published or posted at least 24 hours in advance; shall make recommendations for all ASUM appointments, in cooperation with the Vice President; shall attend ASUM Senate meetings and serve as a voting member; in the absence of the Vice-President, shall act as a Chair for Senate meetings; as necessary, may delegate any projects or duties to the Vice-president, Business Manager, or Senators.  The ASUM President may not hold any paid position outside his/her executive position as outlined in Section 3.0 of the ASUM Personnel Policy.
    • 4.11 ASUM Vice President. The position of ASUM Vice President is one of assisting the ASUM President as an administrator. The Vice President reports to the ASUM President and is directly responsible to the students at the University of Montana. The Vice President shall uphold all expressed policies, Bylaws, Fiscal Policy, Personnel Policy, and Constitution of ASUM. The Vice President must be an activity fee-paying member of ASUM for the entire term of office. The Vice President's primary concerns and responsibilities are to oversee and appoint all committee members subject to Senate ratification. The Vice President should be aware of all significant decisions made in committees and inform the ASUM Senate of any policy changes decided by the committees. The Vice President has general managerial responsibility for planning, programming; formulating and implementing his/her own agenda, as well as the projects delegated by the ASUM President. The duties of the Vice President, as specified in Article III Section 3 of the ASUM Constitution include: establishing and posting office hours; in addition to carrying out those duties specifically delegated to the Vice President, sitting as a non-voting, ex officio member on all ASUM committees and boards except the Constitutional Review Board; with regard to committees: (1) acting as committee whip to oversee all ASUM committees and make recommendations to the President, and (2) acting as a liaison between the President and ASUM committee chairs; acting as Chair for all ASUM Senate meetings; calling meetings of the ASUM Senate at least once per month during the school year.  The ASUM Vice President may not hold any paid position outside his/her executive position as outlined in Section 3.0 of the ASUM Personnel Policy.
    • 4.12 ASUM Business Manager. The Business Manager is required to carry out the duties for that office as outlined in the Constitution, Bylaws and Fiscal Policy. The Business Manager shall: uphold all expressed policies, Fiscal Policy, Personnel Policy, Bylaws, and the Constitution of ASUM; shall establish and post office hours; should serve as chief officer of the accounting of ASUM and set policy for that office; be responsible for reporting all Budget and Finance recommendations to the Senate as well as reporting the fiscal affairs of ASUM upon request of any member of ASUM; The minutes of Budget and Finance meetings should be kept on record in the Business Manager's office; have the additional duty of advising the organizations funded by ASUM as well as oversee their budgets along with the ASUM Accountant and Office Manager; submit a budget for ASUM Administration in consultation with the ASUM President and ASUM Vice-President for consideration by the ASUM Senate during the annual budget process.  The ASUM Business Manager may not hold any paid position outside his/her executive position as outlined in Section 3.0 of the ASUM Personnel Policy.
    • 4.13 ASUM Senators. ASUM Senators shall serve as the elected intermediaries between the student body and 1) the ASUM administration, 2) The University of Montana administration and 3) the Montana Board of Regents of Higher Education. The ASUM Senators shall monitor student opinion; inform students of issues concerning the student body; assess needs of the students and address those needs at Senate meetings; attend all Senate meetings and serve on at least two committees, including at least one ASUM committee; learn about ASUM's functions and processes, so as to better serve the student body; be responsible for fairly allocating ASUM funds among the various ASUM recognized organizations during the budgeting process; be eligible to hold positions within monetarily-reliant organizations or within ASUM agencies, other than the position of agency director.  If a member of the Senate or executive holds any such position, they shall not vote on monetary items pertaining to their employers during ASUM Senate meetings
    • 4.14 ASUM Student Resolution Officer. The student resolution officer is responsible for overseeing the resolution procedure outlined in Article 21 of the UTU Bargaining Agreement. The position shall be hired by the end of April through the Selection Procedure, Item 7.0. The position will be for two years, subject to review after one year. The review will be conducted by the selection committee. If the person is not found to be desirable for a second year, then the position is open. More specifically, the officer's duties include, but are not limited to: establishing and posting office hours; listening to and recording the complaints of specific students; advising students on how to informally resolve their complaints within the initial 30-day period outlined in the UTU Bargaining Agreement (i.e., helping students with strategies best suited to resolve the dispute in their favor); drafting complaints and sending out notices to the individuals involved; establishing times to meet with the involved parties in order to reach a settlement; adequately preparing both himself/herself and the student to enable the procedure to provide the most favorable result for the student.
    • 4.15 ASUM Office Manager.  The ASUM Office Manager is a full-time classified position, appropriately adjusted during the summer months, responsible for the following: process financial transactions, fiscal monitoring, expenditure approval, data entry and travel arrangements for approximately 200 student groups; provide fiscal training, guidance and oversight to student groups with regard to their ASUM accounts; direct and supervise the front desk reception and Senate Secretary student employees; supervise, in conjunction with the Marketing and Outreach Committee and ASUM Executives, the Social Media Manager and Web Developer student employees; manage the day-to-day operation of the ASUM office suite, equipment and supplies; process staff and student employee payroll. 
    • 4.16 ASUM Accountant/UM Productions Advisor. The ASUM Accountant/UM Productions Advisor is a classified position responsible for the following:  performing accounting work in the preparation and maintenance of financial recordkeeping and reporting; documenting and reconciling reports; preparing vouchers, travel advances, and purchase orders; monitoring the budget and reporting on accounts and any related problems plus other related work as required; assisting in the ASUM budgeting process; provide guidance to students to research and identify potential entertainment acts; create event budgets; negotiate artist fees; contract with agents and artists; assess and manage risk for events ranging in size from 400-25,000; create and implement marketing plans; coordinate logistics and technical requirements among multiple campus departments and outside vendors; Co-Personnel Supervisor of ASUM classified staff, prepares annual evaluations for ASUM Agency Directors, Kaimin Office Manager and ASUM Office Manager; prepare recruitment forms; write job descriptions; maintain employee records.
    • 4.17 ASUM Receptionists.  The ASUM Receptionists are student employees responsible for the following: provide administrative and clerical support to the ASUM Office Manager, executive officers, senators, agencies and recognized student groups;  assist with the preparation of annual ASUM Spring Budget and election materials; assist with the Student Group Recognition process;  assist with the maintenance of the current database of recognized student groups; perform daily duties such as greeting visitors; answering phones; filing; answering routine inquiries; making referrals; emailing information; assisting with web access navigation; processing short term loan applications, picking up mail, running errands, scanning, stocking and troubleshooting the copier, maintaining and cleaning reception area; accepting student group deposits, provide receipts and enter into Banner Finance as assigned, assist applicants for short-term loans; archiving ASUM materials.
    • 4.18 ASUM Web Developer. The ASUM Web Developer should have experience or knowledge of website development; practical exposure to HTML, JavaScript, Cascade, and graphics creation; well-developed listening skills; experience with Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Instagram, YouTube, Google, and other platforms for engagement and brand development; knowledge of Google and Facebook analytics; personal access to a laptop or tablet with internet access; knowledge of modern information sharing; ability to operate effectively and efficiently in 26 an independent working environment.
  • 4.20 ASUM Sustainability Center
    • 4.21 Sustainability Coordinator. The ASUM Sustainability Coordinator is responsible for promoting, developing, and implementing sustainability initiatives and activities at The University of Montana. The Sustainability Coordinator will work with both students and members of the campus community and serve as a liaison between these two groups. The Sustainability Coordinator will work closely with the Sustainable Campus Committee to develop a comprehensive action plan for The University of Montana based on American College and University President's Climate Commitment, the 20x10 Initiative, and other University initiatives. The Sustainability Coordinator will be responsible for initiating educational outreach campaigns aimed at generating student involvement in the University's sustainability efforts. The Sustainability Coordinator must be a current graduate student at The University of Montana.
    • 4.22 ASUM Senate Secretary.  The ASUM Senate Secretary is a student position responsible for the following: prepare all ASUM Senate documents including, but not limited to, minutes, agendas, and resolutions; provide copies and email Senate documents to Senate members and University representatives; post Senate documents to the ASUM website; prepare meeting rooms; take minutes during weekly Senate meetings; make arrangements, prepare materials for, and participate in annual Senate events, such as the late-summer retreat, spring budgeting and elections; archive Senate materials.
    • 4.24 ASUM Marketing Director. The ASUM Marketing and Outreach Director is a student position responsible for the following: in consultation with the ASUM Marketing and outreach committee (herein referred to as the ASUMMOC), design and implement ASUM's annual Marketing Strategy;  generate and track social media traffic levels; update on all ASUM social media platforms with relevant information regarding ASUM and the University of Montana student population; work to expand awareness of ASUM and its services; develop a compelling brand for ASUM; as well as anything ASUMMOC deems valuable to implementing the Marketing Strategy.
    • 4.24.1 The ASUM Marketing and Outreach Director shall report to and be directly overseen by the ASUMMOC. ASUMMOC shall work in consultation with interview committee in selecting a Marketing Director. The ASUM Marketing Director shall serve as an ex-officio, non-voting member of the MOC.
    • 4.31 Legal Services Director. The Legal Services Director shall act as legal counsel to ASUM and shall, as allowed in the Legal Service Bylaws, provide legal services to recognized groups and organizations. The Director shall manage the activities of ASUM Legal Services, act as supervisor for all Legal Services classified employees and coordinate policies with the ASUM Legal Services Committee. The Director shall supervise interns and manage the case load of individual students coming to ASUM Legal Services for assistance. The Director shall assist with legislation as needed, issue legal opinions to the ASUM Senate, and represent the ASUM in Court when permissible. Preparation of an annual budget, in coordination with the Legal Service Committee, shall be included in the Director's duties.
    • 4.32 ASUM Legal Services Secretary. He/she types for Director and Legal Services interns; greets clients and visitors; makes appointments; maintains appointment calendar, including calendar of meetings and other critical dates; opens, maintains and closes files, purchases office supplies as necessary; minor bookkeeping and other basic office work.
    • 4.33 Legal Services Interns. Interns shall work for legal services primarily for credit. Some paid positions shall be available. Under direct supervision of the Director, interns shall interview and counsel clients, negotiate settlements, draft letters and pleadings, try cases in court and before administrative bodies, and generally perform the duties of an attorney as allowed under the State's student practice rule.
    • 4.34 Legal Services Assistant Attorney.  Two part-time assistant attorneys shall assist the director supervising interns and seeing clients.
    • 4.35 Contractor. Legal Services will utilize the services of a contract attorney from time to time as needed.
    • 4.36 Legal Services Part-time Secretary. A work study or non-work study secretary shall be employed from time to time, as required, by ASUM Legal Services. The duties of said secretary shall be to perform tasks as assigned by the director and the ASUM Legal Services secretary.
    • 4.41  Director (1 classified position, 1.FTE 12 mo.):  Primary responsibility of directing 4 child care/preschool centers, the Drop-In Care at Campus Recreation and Health Facility, Griz Kidz Care for UM home basketball games, the Babysitting Exchange and the Family Referral and Resource Program.  Director also administers the USDA Child and Adult Food Program operations within the child care preschool centers.  The child Care Preschool has supervision responsibilities over all classified employees of the Child Care Preschool Program.  Director must receive 30 hours of training annually and conduct staff meetings and staff training.  Director must be an approved Professional Development Specialist II or III.
    • 4.42  Site Supervisor/Center Coordinator  (2 classified positions, 1=1.FTE  12 mo./1=.75 FTE 10 mo.):  Primary responsibility is to coordinated between the 2 site locations and the program office.  Supervisors assure that all practices, procedures and policies as established by the program office are fully implemented in the child care preschool center operations.  Site supervisors also substitute for center staff as needed and are directly responsible for student staff working in the centers.  Site supervisors must receive 24 hours training annually and participate in all staff meetings as requested.
    • 4.43  Center Lead Teachers (4 classified positions, 4=1.FTE 12 mo.):  Primary responsibility is the supervision of the children enrolled, and the planning and implementation of the child care preschool daily program.  Lead teachers must receive 24 hours of training annually and participate in all staff meetings as requested.
    • 4.44  Center Assistant Teachers (4 classified positions, 4=1. FTE 12 mo.):  Primary responsibility is the supervision of the children enrolled, and assisting the lead teacher in the childcare preschool program daily routine.  Assistant teachers must receive 24 hours of training annually, and participate in staff meetings as requested.
    • 4.45  Student Teacher Aides (approximately 65 student positions each semester):  Primary responsibility is to assist the teachers with supervision of the children, preparation of meals and snacks as instructed, prepare educational materials as directed, and assist with housekeeping duties as required.  Student teacher aides are also required to participate in 8 hours of training annually and attend staff meetings as requested.
    • 4.51 The operation of UM productions relies upon a Director, Concert Coordinator, an Assistant to the Concert Coordinator, Marketing Coordinator, and a Graphic Design Coordinator. With the exception of the Directors position, these positions are selected each year during Spring semester by the UM Productions Director. The new UM Productions Director will be selected by a five-person ASUM/UM Productions Interview Committee, consisting of the ASUM President, the outgoing UM Productions Director, (if the current UM Productions Director re-applies, a designee will be chosen for this committee by the UM Productions Advisor),  the UM Productions Advisor, and two outgoing UM Productions Coordinators who are not applying for positions in UM Productions for the next year (if two are not available, outgoing Senators appointed by the ASUM President will preside). Following the aforementioned committee's decision on a new Director, the ASUM President will forward the candidate's name for ASUM Senate approval.
    • 4.52 UM Productions Director. The UM Productions Director oversees the entire programming operation. The Director serves as a resource for the Coordinators and directs marketing efforts for the various scheduled events. The Director monitors events, maintains the UM Productions budget, and gives explicit permission to the Coordinators concerning the commitment of UM Productions to any event which will require ASUM funds. No Contract or agreement may be made without the approval of the Director. The Director prepares th UM Productions budget for ASUM budgeting session annually.
    • 4.53 Assistant to the Concert Coordinator. The Assistant to the Concert Coordinator assists in all aspect of event management. This position works with the Concert Coordinator to fulfill rider requirements and day of show production requirements. The Assistant to the Concert Coordinator may also keep hours as an Office Assistant. This includes answering phones and assisting walk-ins with inquires.
    • 4.54 Concert Coordinator. The Concert Coordinator is responsible for all aspects of the presentation of concerts and other live events which are promoted or produced by UM Productions. The Coordinator pursues the artists and stays up-to-date on acts, agents, and promoters in the industry. The Coordinator may negotiate contracts; however, any agreement on artist fees and production costs must be approved by the Director.
    • 4.55 Marketing Coordinator. The Marketing Coordinator's position is designed to encompass the responsibilities of advertising and marketing events promoted or produced by UM Productions. Upon the booking of an event, it is the responsibilities of advertising and marketing events promoted or produced by UM Productions. Upon the booking of an event, it is the responsibility of the Marketing Coordinator to develop a detailed marketing plan for the event. Because the office objective reflects multiple activities and goals, the Marketing Coordinator may be assigned addition or different responsibilities by the Director in order to facilitate the operations of the UM Productions office.
    • 4.56 Graphic Design Coordinator. The Graphic Design Coordinator is responsible for creating posters, handbills, and print ads used for the promotion of UM Productions concerts and live events.
  • 4.6 STUDENT MEDIA (funding other than ASUM Activity Fee)
      • 4.610 Mission of Student Radio Station: To bring to The University of Montana and the Missoula community a quality listening alternative radio station provided by students of The University of Montana. This station shall provide a diverse format and shall expose the community to new and refreshing programming.
      • 4.611 General Manager: The General Manager is responsible for overseeing the fiscal stability, daily operations, and the overall direction of the student radio station. The General Manager will also be responsible for recommending persons for positions listed in Personnel Policy to Radio Board for approval. The General Manager is charged with overseeing the performance of all departments, employees, staff, facilities and volunteers. The General Manager will present the annual budget of the station to the Radio Board and is responsible for the legal records. The General Manager will also make the appropriate preparations for the radio station to go on the air in a reasonable time. This includes working with the appropriate people to secure a location and training people to properly work with the equipment.
      • 4.612 Assistant Program Director: The Assistant Program Director (APD) shall be responsible for all secondary needs of the Program Director (PD) including filling shows, working with the Volunteer Coordinator on DJ related projects, and monitoring the overall status of programming. The Assistant Program Director shall report to the Program Director, and shall take on other delegated responsibilities as requested by the PD.
      • 4.613 Music Director: The Music Director's main responsibility is the compilation and maintenance of the KBGA music library. This includes, but is not limited to, researching and compiling recordings from different types of music and, most importantly, keeping the station up to date on new and diverse music.
        • 4.613.1 Assistant Music Director: The functions of the Assistant Music Director's position will be closely tied to those of the Music Director. Overall, these duties will entail working alongside the Music Director to coordinate the operations of the music department and its related staff.
      • 4.614 News Staff: The news staff must have knowledge of news writing, reporting and/or communication skills. Must demonstrate good news judgment and be willing to work in a team environment. Knowledge of or a willingness to learn audio production is a plus. Duties may include, but are not limited to, going on location for live reports of news events, travelling for news interviews, taking care of equipment, editing sound bytes, and producing newscasts.
      • 4.615 Business Manager: The Business Manager is responsible for handling a majority of the business conducted at the station. The Business Manager and Accounting Clerk will work closely together on underwriting, fundraising, grants, and other sources of revenue, as well as expenses. The Business Manager is also responsible for working together with the General Manager, Program Director and Accounting Clerk in preparing the annual budget.
      • 4.616 News Director: The News Director is in charge of the reporters and producing the newscasts for the station. This requires knowledge of news writing and keeping up to date on campus and community issues.
      • 4.617 Underwriting Development Staff: The underwriting development staff is charged with the responsibility of working toward the underwriting goals set for the year. Underwriting is a substantial portion of revenue for the station, and as such the underwriting development staff must work together and professionally to ensure lasting relationships with businesses and the private community. Duties may include, but are not limited to, communicating directly and clearly to businesses about underwriting with KBGA College Radio, writing contracts, and completing business transactions.
      • 4.618 Promotions Director: The Promotions Director will organize and oversee KBGA events such as parties, fund-raisers, and live broadcast concert events. The Promotions Director will also work with media sources, the public, and local businesses in order to get KBGA better recognized. The Director will produce KBGA advertisements to be placed in other media outlets.
      • 4.619  Office Assistant:  The office assistants provide clerical support, maintenance and production of the Community Events Calendar.  They also produce public service announcements for the studio. In addition, they assist the executive staff with projects and handle immediate public relations with in the KBGA main office. He or she must represent the station professionally and accordingly. The office assistants must attend all meetings that pertain to him or her. The office assistants are answerable to the general manager.
    • 4.62 MONTANA KAIMIN (funding other than ASUM Activity Fee)
      • 4.620 Kaimin Office Manager. (classified position) Manages the administrative functions of the Montana Kaimin, provides support to the editor, business manager and the employees of the Montana Kaimin newsroom and business office. The responsibilities include: payroll, billing, collections, accounts payable, procurement, upkeep and maintenance oversight of office equipment, greeting customers, processing advertising insertion orders, office staff training and transition from year to year. The position works 10 months per year at .75FTE.
      • 4.621 Kaimin Editor-in-Chief. The duties of the editor include, and are not limited to, the hiring of all news room employees; determining the hours of said employees; setting publication policies regarding content; directing staff; editing stories for content, style and accuracy; developing long term projects; ensuring quality of the paper; conducting regular staff meetings; conducting editorial board meetings; attending Publications Board meetings; and setting editorial writing policy.
      • 4.622 Kaimin Business Manager. The duties of the Business Manager include, but are not limited to, the hiring of the business office staff; determining, with the Editor, hourly schedules, setting and forcing policies regarding scheduled hours and responsibilities of the office staff; attending Publications Board meetings; setting advertising rates; establishing advertising rate deadlines; contacting and communicating with national and local advertisers; preparing information and needed funding requests submitted to ASUM; determining newspaper size depending on the daily advertising percentage; depending on the contract year, initiate bidding on the printing contract, pursuing and ensuring proper contractual procedures in the printing of the paper; establishing distribution points both on campus and off; assuring proper advertisement placement before news room production begins. A sales commission will be assessed for advertisement sold by the Kaimin Business Manager.
      • 4.623 Kaimin Editorial Staff. The duties for the Editors include, but are not limited to, supervising reporters, photographers and editorial contributors; reviewing and changing stories and content consistent with Kaimin policy; developing story ideas and coordinating large projects; attending regular meetings. The Kaimin Editorial Staff includes, but is not limited to:
        • Managing Editor
          News Editor
          Web Editor
          Visual Content Editors
          Section Editors
          Design Chiefs
      • 4.624 News/Features Staff. The duties of News/Feature staff members include, and are not limited to: producing any of the editorial content for the Kaimin, working with the editorial staff to develop story ideas and coordinate projects; finishing work by the deadline; attending regularly scheduled meetings. The Kaimin News/Features Staff includes, but is not limited to:
        • Reporters
          Visual Content Producers
      • 4.625 Kaimin Opinion Contributors. The duties of the Opinion Contributors include, but are not limited to: producing opinion pieces for the editorial page; bearing total responsibility for the content of their opinions.
      • 4.626 Kaimin Business Staff. The duties of the Business Staff include, but are not limited to, assisting in payroll computation; answering phone calls; selling and accounting for classified advertising and display advertising walk-ins; ensuring circulation to subscribers; assisting in the computation of advertising percentages; pulling advertising daily from proof sheets; pulling tear sheets from each paper to accompany advertisers billing, filing; distributing mail; overseeing advertising representatives when Business Manager is unavailable; the daily creation and design of advertisements, daily budgeting of space and layout of display advertisements, working with advertising representatives and the advertisers to meet customer expectations, provides proofs to customers, overseeing daily classified advertisement, attending meetings scheduled by the Business Manager. A sales commission will be assessed for advertisements sold by Kaimin Business Office Staff. The Kaimin Business Staff includes, but is not limited to:
        • Office Assistants
          Advertising Representatives
          Visual Designers
    • 4.70 Mission of Student Political Action. SPA shall be the proper representation of the students' interest to the community outside the University of Montana Campus including, but not limited to, the Montana Legislature, the United States Congress, the various county commissions and city councils of the State of Montana, and the executives of these legislative bodies.
    • 4.71 Student Political Action Director. The SPA Director shall be hired by the ASUM Senate upon the recommendation of the ASUM President according to the ASUM Constitution, Bylaws, and Personnel Policy. The Director shall:
      • be responsible for issues directly related to students' daily lives;
        report to the ASUM Senate on issues;
        be an ex-officio, non-voting member of the Student Political Action Committee;
        be responsible for representing the ASUM at the Missoula City Council;
        oversee the actions of the ASUM lobbyist during the legislative session.
        In addition, the Director may informally advise and assist Member Organizations on political issues.
    • 4.72 ASUM Legislative Lobbyist. The lobbyist, herein referred to as the contractor, shall perform the duties of a lobbyist for the ASUM during the biennial session of the Legislature of the State of Montana. At all times during the duration of this agreement, the contractor shall be responsible to the ASUM President and the Student Political Action Director. At least once during each two-week period, the lobbyist shall provide a journal of all activities and suggestions for future improvements. This report shall consist of commentary and shall include an appendix containing all submitted written testimony from the reporting period. Copies of all pending bills of interest under this contract shall be attached to said report. The contractor shall act to further the interests communicated to him/her by the ASUM President or the SPA Director. Duties shall include testifying orally and in writing before legislative committees on bills of student interest as is consistent with the ASUM position. The contractor shall participate in coordinated activities with the campus, such as student lobbying day. The Contractor shall use techniques consistent with traditional lobbying practices including, but not limited to, the following: maintain professional appearance, maintain knowledge of present status of all pertinent bills, take notes of all pertinent committee meetings, record voting tallies on pertinent legislation, and conduct research on pending legislation affecting the students' interests.
    • 4.80  Off-Campus Renter Center Director. The ASUM Off-Campus Renter Center Director shall act as a consumer and policy advocate for student renters on housing, landlord/tenant, and related issues. The Director shall provide counsel to tenants and educational materials to the student renting body at large. The Director shall work to better educate current and future tenants as to their rights and responsibilities in accordance with the Montana law. The Director shall act as a liaison to the larger community, including Missoula area neighbors, landlords, and elected officials. The Director shall supervise interns working with the ASUM Off-Campus Renter Center when appropriate and necessary to do so. This position is supervised by the Director of ASUM Legal Services.  The preparation of an annual budget shall be included in the Director's duties. The Director shall report to the UM Housing Board on a regular basis and shall report to ASUM Senate not less than twice per semester.
    • 4.81  OCRC Neighborhood Ambassadors (5)
      • Student Neighborhood Ambassadors serve as liaisons between homeowners and student renters living in the University District to improve the quality of life in the neighborhood. Each ambassador is assigned a section of the University District for which they are responsible. Student ambassadors go door to door in their assigned area, create and distribute a monthly newsletter, implement outreach campaigns on renter rights and responsibilities, and plan neighborhood events. Ambassadors are also required to attend team meetings and training events.
    • 4.82  OCRC Program Manager, Neighborhood Ambassador Program
      • The Program Manager is responsible for assisting the Director in managing and overseeing the Neighborhood Ambassador Program. Responsibilities include training and co-supervising student ambassadors, initiating and implementing outreach campaigns, collecting reporting data to support the continuation of the project, updating social media outlets, and monitoring the progress of the team of ambassadors. Duties may also include grant-writing, marketing, and other related duties as designated. 
    • 4.83 OCRC Outreach Coordinator
      • The Outreach Coordinator will research and provide the UM campus with agency 38 information, support renter education campaigns, design marketing materials and other activities as needed. Duties may include designing marketing materials and distributing said materials to the campus community; maintaining and updating social networking sites; hosting an OCRC table at UM and community outreach events; general documentation and reporting on OCRC outreach efforts; and attending other outreach activities as directed by the OCRC Director or the ASUM Housing Board.
    • 4.84 Annual Pay Raise
      • Each year that a student employee of the ASUM Off-Campus Renter Center returns to their position they will receive a $0.10 per hour pay raise, pending approval of the OCRC Director and the ASUM Housing Board. A student’s pay may not be increased more than $0.60 per hour without approval from the ASUM Senate.
    • 4.91 Mission of ASUMOT.  The Associated Students of The University of Montana Office of Transportation promotes and provides transportation options to the University community.  This process is directly supervised by a student board, 3 of which are ASUM Senators. 
    • 4.92 ASUMOT Director.  The ASUMOT Director shall act in the best interest of students first when addressing any transportation issue on The University of Montana campuses.  The Director is to manage all aspects of the ASUMOT office.  The Director shall supervise all ASUMOT staff and student employees.  The Director is also required to follow ASUMOT Bylaws as set forth by the ASUM Transportation board and ASUM Senate.
    • 4.93 ASUMOT Road Supervisors.  Road Supervisors will work for the ASUM Director to maintain transit equipment, transit facilities, train drivers and schedule drivers.
    • 4.94 ASUMOT Bike Ambassadors.  Bike Ambassadors are student employees that will work directly under the ASUM Director.  Their mission is to educate bicyclists, pedestrians and drivers on respectful interaction – focusing heavily on bike safety.
    • 4.95 ASUMOT Cruiser Coop Coordinator.  The Cruiser Coop Coordinator is a student employee that will work directly under the ASUM Director to repair Cruiser Coop and Semester bikes and to oversee the check out and check in process of all ASUMOT bike programs.
    • 4.96 ASUMOT Outreach specialist.  The ASUMOT Outreach specialist is a student employee that will work to do outreach for the department and for all transportation option programs to the university community.
    • 4.97 ASUMOT Office Assistant.  The ASUM OT Office Assistant is a student employee that will work in the ASUMOT office to assist with data entry, reception work, and student payroll.


  • 5.1 Recruiting for monthly compensated positions shall be conducted with the following minimum requirements: Review the position requirements, job description, work schedule, recruitment procedure, interview and selection procedure for any necessary adjustments prior to advertising the position.
  • 5.2 Post vacancy notices by all appropriate methods in order to make the best effort to notify students of available opportunities for employment.
  • 5.3 Applicants are not to be endorsed or sponsored by any staff or management.


  • 6.1 Minimum qualifications:

UM student (taking 6 or more credits); ability to work hours required.

  • 6.2 Preferred qualifications:

Possess knowledge of department and area of responsibility; previous experience; and demonstrated qualifications or knowledge.


  • 7.1 The timetable for applicable positions shall be established by the selection committee unless already specified in the ASUM Bylaws.
  • 7.2 In the event the selection committee decides that not enough qualified applicants have applied, the selection process will be re-initiated or extended.
  • 7.3 The selection committee shall be appointed by the ASUM President for director positions and by the director for coordinator positions. A minimum of three (3) people shall serve on a selection committee, unless otherwise specified by the ASUM Bylaws.
  • 7.4 The selection committee will review all applications submitted and eliminate all applicants not minimally qualified. Interviews shall be arranged for all candidates meeting minimal qualifications. Selection may be made after this time if there is an obvious successful candidate. If further interviews are necessary, the number of final candidates should be reduced. Second interviews shall be conducted and a selection made at this time.
  • 7.5 Nominations shall be ratified by the Senate when provided by the ASUM Constitution and Bylaws. Any exception to this policy must be approved by the Senate.


Discharge for classified staff shall be pursuant to the procedures outlined in the Collective Bargaining Agreement.  The below pertains to student discharge only.

  • 8.1 Under most situations where a student employee's performance is unsatisfactory, the following procedures must be followed before resorting to termination:
    • 8.11 Discuss the problem area(s) with the individual. Offer specific suggestions to improve work performance.
    • 8.12 Give the student a written statement describing the problem and setting reasonable goals to be met within a reasonable, specific time period. A copy of the statement should be sent to Financial Aid. (Any such letters are kept strictly confidential in Financial Aid.)
    • 8.13 If job performance does not improve within the time frame stated in the written statement, the employee may be dismissed for cause. In the event of a dismissal, documentation must be provided regarding a written statement to the student with a copy to Financial Aid. (It will be kept confidential and will not be made a part of any file we may have on the student within our office.)
  • 8.2 Causes of dismissal include, but are not limited to:
    • 8.21 Repeated failure to comply with the agreed work schedule.
    • 8.22 Unwillingness to adequately accomplish assigned tasks.
    • 8.23 Lack of cooperation which disturbs other workers or the progress of work.
  • 8.3 There are some causes for which a student employee may be dismissed immediately without following all of the above citing reasons and evidence to support the allegation. These causes include, but are not limited to:
    • 8.31 Repeated insubordination, except when to follow orders would be impossible, illegal, or hazardous to the safety and health of the employee or others.
    • 8.32 Endangering the health and safety of others.
    • 8.33 Dishonesty.
    • 8.34 Using or allowing another to use any state-owned vehicle or other property for unofficial purposes.
    • 8.35 Commission of any felony or misdemeanor while working.
    • 8.36 Unauthorized absence from work.
    • 8.37 Any similar cause to those listed above.
  • 8.4 A Student Status Change Form stating the termination date should be forwarded to Student Payroll.


  • 9.1 This Personnel Policy shall become effective upon a two-thirds (2/3) majority vote of the Senate. This policy cancels all previous policies.


  • 10.1 Director: hire, fires, disciplines and supervises employees under him or her with consent of ASUM President.
  • 10.2 Supervisor: oversees day-to-day work of supervised employees, provides annual performance reviews required by UM, ASUM or Agency policies. A supervisor is prohibited from making director level decisions, including hiring, firing, discipline or change in job descriptions and assigned tasks.