Housing Finder Terms of Service

Terms of Service

I. Statement of Purpose

The University of Montana's ASUM Renter Center operates its Housing Finder to connect students looking to rent, lease, or buy property off-campus to community members advertising property for rent, lease, or sale. The ASUM Renter Center is not a party to any resulting transactions between users of this site, and as a result, does not perform any of the following on behalf of landlords, tenants, or roommates:

  • Guarantee or ensure any property or transaction;
  • Execute any documents relating to rental transactions;
  • Collect payments for rental transactions; or
  • Conduct any background screening or other verification on either prospective landlords or rental candidates.

II. User Responsibilities

All parties involved in a rental transaction have the responsibility to be informed in all aspects of the transaction. ASUM Renter Center makes no warrantee or other assurance that either party or the property is as presented/advertised. It is the sole responsibility of parties listing rental properties to fully screen potential renters/roommates, and the sole responsibility of parties viewing listings to conduct their own verification and inspection of the property and landlord. ASUM Renter Center recommends that all listing parties interview potential renters/roommates and/or check references, and that all renting parties conduct a thorough investigation prior to entering into a lease contract.

III. No Discriminatory Listings

The Federal Fair Housing Act [link] and Montana Human Rights Act [link] prohibit discriminatory practices in the rental, lease, or sale of property. ASUM Renter Center requires compliance with these laws from all users of this site. Montana's fair housing laws make it illegal to indicate in any advertisement a preference, limitation, or discrimination because of race, sex, age, color, religion, creed, national origin, physical or mental disability, marital status, and/or familial status. There is an exception for listings advertising rooms for rent in a private residence, so in those listings a preference for sex/gender is permissible.

Because ASUM Renter Center's Housing Finder serves University of Montana students in their search for area housing by providing a platform for community members to advertise property for rent, students are the most common renters. Listing parties should/shall not use Housing Finder to advertise for renters who are not UM students or otherwise affiliated with UM. Any users who indicate discriminatory preferences in their listings will have those listings removed by ASUM Renter Center, solely at its discretion.

The University of Montana's Code of Student Conduct [link] governs the conduct of student-users of ASUM Renter Center's Housing Finder. ASUM Renter Center requires users respect the UM's community standards in all communication conducted on its site. ASUM Renter Center will immediately remove any communication that violates the Student Code of Conduct.

IV. Permissible and Prohibited Content in Listings

The following is a list of permissible and prohibited content in rental listings posted on ASUM Renter Center's Housing Finder. This list is not intended to be exhaustive and may be revised at any time. ASUM Renter Center is not limited by this list in determining whether a listing is impermissible and subject to removal from the site.

Listings may/should:

  • Fully describe the property, its location, and include photos;
  • Include only necessary contact information; and
  • Indicate a preference for smoking/non-smoking, alcohol/no alcohol, and/or pets/no pets.

Listings shall not:

  • Indicate a preference for renters/roommates that discriminate in violation of Fair Housing laws;
  • Advertise property for rent that the listing party does not own or have the right to rent, lease, or sell;
  • Advertise for anything other than property for rent, lease, or sale;
  • Mislead, deceive, defraud, or make any misrepresentations;
  • Violate these Terms of Service; or
  • Violate the University of Montana's Code of Student Conduct (applies to listing parties who are UM students).

V. ASUM Renter Center's Right to Remove Listings

ASUM Renter Center reserves the right to remove any listing(s) at its sole discretion, for any or no reason. Upon finding that a listing violates these Terms of Service, or for any or no reason, ASUM Renter Center may remove the listing without notice to the listing party.

VI. ASUM Renter Center's Right to Use Content and Listing Party Privacy

By listing property on the Housing Finder site, parties agree that any information included in their listings will be made publicly available. It is for this reason that ASUM Renter Center recommends listing parties limit information posted to only what is necessary for potential renters to learn about/see the rental property and contact the listing party. ASUM Renter Center reserves the right to use all information and content posted on the Housing Finder site for research, education, and other purposes. By using the Housing Finder site, all parties agree to receive emails from ASUM Renter Center at the email address provided in the listing(s). Users may opt of receiving ASUM Renter Center emails by unsubscribing via the Housing Finder site.

VII. Terms of Service Subject to Change

These Terms of Service are subject to change at any time and without notice to users. ASUM Renter Center may modify, suspend, discontinue or restrict the use of any feature of its Housing Finder site without notice. By using ASUM's Renter Center Housing Finder, all users agree to abide by these Terms of Service as stated at the time of use.