• Who Is Served: Activity-fee-paying students, UM staff, and faculty may use the program.
  • Program Funding: The program is funded by student activity fees, parent fees, University of Montana, and USDA federal funds.
  • Goal: To provide quality child care at a reasonable cost to students, staff and faculty.
  • Program Supervision: The program is supervised by a Program Director and an ASUM Child Care Committee.
  • Committee Participation: To serve on the ASUM Child Care and Preschool Committee, call (406) 243-2542

Parent Involvement

  • Parent Participation: Parent participation is encouraged. Assistance with swimming and field trips is always welcome.
  • Open Door: Our door is always open to parents.
  • Visitors: Visitors are asked to sign in and state reason for being at the center.

Parent Handbook

  • Parent Handbook: for more information on our policies and procedures please read our parent handbook.