Tips to being a Great Landlord

The Renter Center attempts to educate student renters about their rights and the appropriate steps in the renting process and landlords can step in as well.  Below are some tips and gentle reminders you can give student and non-student renters to make the experience a positive one for all involved.

1.  Towards the end of the lease (before 30 days remains), remind your renters that they must give you a 30 days notice if they plan to move out or the lease will go month-to-month or automatically renew (refer to what your contract says).

2.  Remind them if any of the persons on the lease would like to move out, they need to come to you first before assuming another person can move in.  This is a source of quite a few problems. 

3.  Remind renters if there is a repair needed to the house, they need to call you first before attempting to fix it themselves. 

4.  Consider the problems that may arise if you leave yard maintenance up to renters (this is for all renters, not just students).  Inevitably, you will care a lot more about your yard than a renter.  It may be a good idea to look into lawn care services and adjusting the rent accordingly.

5.  Remember:  Smile and wave "hello" when you see your student renters so they feel comfortable contacting you.