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Go HERE to find the landlord's rights when tenants lock out landlords and HERE to learn the renter's and landlord's rights when landlords lock out tenants

Mobile Home FAQs:

Go HERE for information on Mobile Home rentals.

Property Left Behind:

Go HERE for information on the rights of the tenant and the landlord when a tenant leaves property behind.

Renter's Rights in Foreclosures:

Go HERE for a document on the rights of the tenants who are residing in a foreclosed home.

Rent Increases: 

Perhaps you did some alterations to your unit that have increased the market value.  Go HERE to find out when it is lawful to increase rent.

Repair & Deduct:

Maybe you let your tenant repair the broken toilet and it required the purchase of parts.  What do you do?  Go HERE to find out more.

Must-do Repairs:

Go HERE to learn more about the repairs that you must do

Security Deposits:

Find information on Security Deposits HERE.

Verbal & Written Agreements:

Didn't give your tenant a copy of their lease?  Or maybe you didn't think that you needed a contract and now the tenant is not paying you rent.  Go HERE to find out about verbal and written agreements.

If I have to go to court, how much will this cost me?

Go HERE for a list of the fees