Sample Letters & Landlord Guides

Sample Letters

Notice to Vacate:  A document provided by the Montana Supreme Court Commission on Self Represented Litigants.  If you have pop-ups disabled, please click "accept" so the document will open in a Word file on your computer.

Letter for Additional Cleaning:  This document is a fill-in the blank sheet.

Leases:  Because of the legal implications of providing a lease agreement, there are no free ones available on non-profit pages that are written by attorneys.  To write your own lease, do a simple Google search and look at a few examples.  Include what is important to you and what is legal. 


Montana Landlord's Rights and Duties Handbook:  Find the answers to many questions in this handy handbook!  This handbook was created by attorneys at Montana Legal Services Association to ensure that the information is accurate.

Montana Tenants' Rights and Duties Handbook:  Find out the rights and responsibilities of tenants.

A short general overview of renting can be found on the Montana Department of Justice webpage HERE.

A short general overview of renting in Montana by the Montana Bar Association found HERE.