The Renter Center in the News

TV Spots

January 2015, ABC Fox: Student Housing Project in the Works for Downtown Missoula

February 2013, KPAX: Ideologies Clash Over Accessory Dwelling Units 

October 2012, UM News  Neighborhood Ambassadors Clean the Streets in Sunday Sweepers

March 2012, KPAX: ASUM Center awarded ASUM funding

August 2011, KPAX: Renter Center Offers Advice to Student Renters

March 2010, KPAX: Student Renters Should Be Prepared

August 2010, KPAX: Students Beware of Craig's List Scams

September 2010, KPAX: ASUM Offering Help With Off-Campus Housing

Print News

April 2, 2015: Missoulian: ASUM Off-Campus REnter Center to host Housing Fair

September 23, 2014, Kaimin: Some freshman left without dorm rooms

April 27, 2014, Missoulian: Missoula, Bitterroot residents warned of rental scam

March 17, 2014, Kaimin: Bear Dens: ASUM to offer FLAT-like themed housing

September 2013, Kaimin: Renter Center offers advice to regain security deposits

May 2013, Kaimin: Renters' lawsuits showcase ASUM Renter Center's usefulness 

April 2013, Kaimin: UM approves themed housing 

January 2013, Missoulian Op-ed: Campus, neighborhoods work to improve relationship

November 2012, Kaimin: Local Homeowners: alley houses, students bad for neighborhoods

October 2012, Kaimin: Missoula Supporting Neighborhood Ambassadors

September 2012, Missoulian:  UM sends more abassadors to mitigate problems between students, neighbors 

August 2012, Missoulian: Renter Center helps UM students in search of Off-Campus Housing

February 2012, Missoulian: ASUM budgets $901K 

October 2011, Missoulian: UM Renter Center seeks to build program aimed at improving student-neighborhood relations

October 2011, Kaimin: Renter Center to start student ambassador program

October 2011, Kaimin: New Course Requirements 

August 2011, Missoulian: ASUM for all: Student government provides child care, renter services, more

August 2010, Missoulian: Almost 200 UM students living in dorm lounges

August 2010, Kaimin: What You Missed

August 2009, Missoulian: Experts have tips for University of Montana student renters


2013 Homesteader (page 38): Safety First: A Renter's Guide to a Safe Place to Call Home

2011 Homesteader (page 12): Renting 101; From Rights to Resources, 28 things renters need to know

2010 Parade of Apartments (page 4):  Reach An Agreement Before Moving In

2010 Bear Necessities: Renter Center Helps Students Find Housing, Resolve Disputes


Past Kaimin Editorials (The Renters' Rant)

Spring 2013

April 25, 2013: Security Deposits

February 28, 2013: Renter's Insurance Explained

Fall 2012

November 8, 2012: Winterizing Your Rental

November 1, 2012: Know your Rights - Evictions

Spring 2011

February 2011: Frozen Water Pipes

March 17, 2011: Getting Your Landlord to do Repairs

FALL 2010

October 27, 2010: Mold: The Fungus Among Us


February 4, 2010: Medical Marijuana 

February 18, 2010: Burst Pipes

March 4, 2010: The Trouble With Fluffy

March 18, 2010: Radon, The Silent Killer

April 8, 2010: Roommates: Can't Live with them, Can't get cheap rent without them

April 29, 2010: Deposits