Common Questions

"I need a furnished rental.  Is that difficult to find?"

It can be difficult to find a furnished rental.  Refer to our "Living Cheaply" page to find a map of Missoula thrift stores.

"I'm only going to be here during the school year...  Why can't I find a landlord that offers a 9 month lease?"

Nine month leases are difficult to find.  You will most likely have to sign a one year lease and may be able to sublease or break your lease early.  Look for fees in your lease agreement for doing so. 

"I have a pet.  Is this going to be a problem?"

Think it over.  Pets are not only a HUGE responsibility, having one makes it even more difficult to find a rental in Missoula.  If you can leave your pet with your parents, try that for the first year.

"How much is "typical" rent around here?"

Rent prices vary.  Rentals within walking distance to The University may be around $500 per bedroom.  Generally, the further the rental is from The University, the cheaper it gets.  Weigh the costs of owning and operating your car before deciding to move far from campus.

"I won't be here during the summer.  Where can I store my stuff?"

Missoula offers many storage rental places that can be found by using an internet search.  Also, it may be possible to store your items in the storage units located in the basement of one of the residence halls for a small fee.  Contact Residence Life at (406) 243-2611 for more information.

"Where are the "bad" parts of town?"

Missoula is a great place to live and experiences a relatively low rate of crime.  There isn't a "bad" part of town.  For more information with crime maps, go HERE.