Here are some tips on how to save cash while living off-campus.


Some students qualify for subsidized or low-income housing.  Those apartments include the ones above the Badlander and Palace on Broadway and the new Equinox apartments on Broadway and Russell.  Go to to find out if you qualify.


  • Some students qualify for SNAP benefits (food stamps).  To find out if you qualify visit
  • The Farmer's Market during the summer months is a good way to find some healthy and local foods. Food stamp recipients can double their money at the Farmer's Market. 
  • The many community gardens around Missoula allow you to grow your own food.  Contact them to find out more.
  • If you are in need of food, the Missoula Food Bank can also assist you.


There are many initial costs when moving.  These include the deposit, first month's rent, and FURNISHING YOUR NEW PAD!

Yard Sales 

Check the Missoulian Classifieds for sale days. You can also check Craigslist for a list of local sales. 


Check the "Free" section for some good finds. 

Thrift Stores

Find them on this handy Google Map

View Missoula Thrift Stores in a larger map