Moving In and Completing the Condition of the Premises Report

Condition of Premises Report (Move In Report)

When you are given the keys to your new place, your landlord should also provide you with a blank move in report so you can document what the condition of the unit is at the time of move in. You should have several days to fill out the report. When your landlord is completing your move out inspection at the end of your lease, he/she will use this report to  assess whether you have caused any damages to the property. The most common issue we hear in The Renter Center is about not getting a deposit back.

Tips for Filling Out Your Report:

  • Fill it out very thoroughly! Test appliances, turn on lights, open drawers, etc. 
  • They can charge you for all the niks, scratches and dents if you didn't write them on the report!
  • Take photos to document exactly what it looked like when you moved in. Submit these along with your written report.
  • If your landlord does not provide one at move in, you can download your own from a basic internet search and submit it along with photos.
  • If your landlord tries to get you sign a move in report that HE filled out; or if he tries to have you sign a statement stating that the unit is generally "in good condition", DO NOT SIGN! In both instances, politely inform the landlord that you will instead exercise your right to fill one out on your own. 
  • Make a copy of the report for your records. This can come in handy later on!

Cleaning not done when you move in? 

You should not have to move into a rental that has not been cleaned or has unwanted items left from the previous tenant. If this occurs, inform your landlord of the situation in writing right away. Take photos of the condition so that you have it well documented. Get a date in writing of when the landlord will have the necessary cleaning completed by. 

Meet Your Neighbors

When you move in, make a point to introduce yourself to your nearby neighbors. This small gesture will really go along way in terms of neighbor relations. A positive first interaction with your new neighbors paves the way for a conflict-free coexistence. Be sure to exchange contact info and let them know that they can contact you directly if any issues come up.