Roommate Went Skydiving (Greenpoint)

Date: 2009-09-07, 4:20PM EDT

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Our Roommate went skydiving today so just to hedge our bet to make rent next month we need a person on reserve. 

We live in a 2 floor four room duplex. In order to be considered a suitable replacement you must have the following character qualities: 

Be good at math. 

Wear glasses. 

Know when all new video games and dvd's are scheduled to come out. 

Have a netflix account w/a minimum of 2 dvd's at a time. 

Like karaoke and be willing to break out into singing Journey at any time. 

Must know how to operate a rice cooker. 

You must be named Rob or something that starts with an "R". It doesn't matter we are basically going to call you Rob anyways. 

Email for more details and keep your fingers crossed.