Getting to Campus and Around Town

Live within walking or biking distance to the University.  

Save money.  Be a part of the campus community.

Parking at the University:

Parking is minimal. If you arrive at the University everyday by 8:00 AM, you will most likely be able to find a spot  (with a parking permit). Parking in the University District is limited due to the residential parking permit zone. Outside of this zone, there are few spots as a local high school does not provide parking for its students and they take most parking by 7:30 AM.

Consider alternative options before getting a car or bringing your car to campus. 

Take the BUS

For a town of its size, Missoula offers excellent bus service. Both Mountain Line and U-Dash buses are free to ride. 

  • Mountain Line: The City's bus service provides excellent service to all of Missoula. The most popular routes receive service every 15 minutes, while others only one time per hour. Visit to view up to date routes & schedules. 
  • U-Dash: The ASUM bus service serves routes where students prefer to live and offers late-night service to get students home safely from the downtown area. U-Dash buses only operate during fall and spring semesters. Visit for routes and schedules.

Ride a BIKE

Missoula is a big biking and walking town.  Check out an interactive Missoula Bicycle & Pedestrian map 

  • ASUM Transportation provides free short-term Yellow Bike rentals for students while you search for a great bike to buy. They also offer affordable semester bike rentals.
  • Free Cycles build a bike program let's you build your own for little to no cost!



Park-n-Ride is located at South Avenue & Higgins Ave. by Dornblaser field. Free parking available with bus service to campus every 10 minutes.

Green Line - park'n ride

 Find more information on transportation, bike rentals, and more at ASUM Transportation