Apartment Style University Owned Housing Options

The Renter Center DOES NOT manage University-sponsored housing.  The information below is provided to inform you of other housing possibilities.  Please contact Residence Life for more information.

Sign-up early! There are many people on the waiting list every fall!

Lewis and Clark Villages:

PROS: low rent with all utilities included, ASUM Transportation arrives about every 15 minutes to pick-up during academic year, close to the University (9 blocks), generally quiet, comes furnished (bed, dresser, desk,& couch), U-Dash makes stops every 20 - 25 minutes until 2 AM weekends taking riders downtown, repairs done in a timely matter, community center, on-site laundry facilities.

* students must have completed a minimum of 30 credits and achieved a 3.0 or higher GPA OR have completed 60+ credits to apply to live at the Lewis & Clark Villages*

University Villages:

PROS: low rent with all utilities included, close to University, ASUM Transportation drives by about every 15 minutes during the academic year. Repairs done in a timely manner, you can give 60 day notice at any point, great location. Great option for students with dependents and/or spouses.

Houses near the Adams Center: 

The University owns several houses on 5th and 6th Street near the Adams Center.  To find out if any of these houses are available for rent, contact Business Services at (406)243-2207.

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