Where to Live

Consider the amenities you will need to walk to if you don't have a car like a grocery store and a laundromat.


With around 10,000 student renters, no part of town is left without student renters.  Here, we list the most popular areas of town where students rent.

Most popular areas to rent near the University:

The University District

**located East of S. Higgins Ave, South of the river and North of South St.**

PROS: Close to University and Downtown, close to many student renters

Map of University District
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The Kiwanis Park Area

**located North of the University, along the river & near the Missoula Public Library**

PROS: Close to University and Downtown, to many student renters, and to Kiwanis Park (Bar-b-que pits, baseball field, sand volleyball court)

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Rattlesnake Area

**North of the University, the area around Van Buren St. and near Greenough Park**

PROS: Close-ish (bike-ride) to University and Downtown, many student renters, many houses to rent, wildlife is often seen, close to Rattlesnake recreation area 

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