Still upset and want to express your rights as a consumer? Try these...

#1. RateMyLandlord website (UM Students only)

The new UM Landlord Review site allows students to share personal reviews of their experiences with local landlords and property managers (both positive and negaitve). Access to the site is exclusive to UM students. 

#2.Google Maps 

Missoula's most popular way to show their discontent for a property management company is through the use of Google Maps.  Just insert a property management company, followed by "Missoula" and you will find a list of reviews from previous tenants. 

#3.  The Renter Center!

When you ask for assistance in resolving a tenant/landlord issue with the Renter Center, we record the name of the Property Management Company that you are having an issue with.  We add the complaint onto that company's tally on our website.  It is anonymous.  Go HERE for the list.

#4.  Montana Board of Realty

If you are having or had a problem with a property management company, you can report their unfair practices to the people that give them a license to practice in Montana.  An investigation will occur and their license may be revoked.  Even if you don't want it to go that far, it is still good for the agency to have a record of the complaint. 


1.  Download their quick form from their website & fill-in basic information.

2.  Write a letter of complaint to attach to the form.  Find a sample letter HERE.

3.  Bring the letter into the Renter Center for proof-reading.

4.  Ask the ASUM Legal Services to notarize your letter (it is a free service that takes just a few seconds!).

5.  Go next door and ask the Renter Center for a stamped envelope.

6.  You're done!  Expect a letter stating the receipt of your complaint soon.

#5.  Better Business Bureau

508 W. Sixth Avenue, Suite 401
Spokane, WA 99204
E-Mail: ; Phone: 800-356-1007


If complaining about a property management company, go to this website to write a review.  Click on "Real Estate" then click on "Property Management".  You can also review other businesses here.