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Your landlord is responsible for providing reasonable amounts of heat between October 1 to May 1 according to statute 70-24-303.

Make an appointment with us for guidance.

You may be able to recover damages if your landlord does not provide essential services through statute 70-24-408 or 70-24-411.

Send a copy of the complaint letter to the owner of the home.  Sometimes this can help resolve an issue if you rent through a property management company that is employed by the actual owner of your rental.  Sending a letter to the owner lets them know that their property is not being properly taken care of.  

Check your lease FIRST as you may be in breach of contract (evictable) if you contact the owner.  Go Missoula County's property information system to search for the name and property address of the owner of your rental. 

Heat system not up to code? A gas furnace serving more than one dwelling unit is a violation of building safety codes. If this is the case in your rental, contact our office to sign up for a free rental safety inspection which will require the landlord to rectify the problem. 


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