Moving Out - Get your deposit back!

Write a 30 days notice.  Send it Certified.

1.  Clean, Clean, Clean.  A small studio apartment can take over four hours!  

2.  Take pictures of the place.

3.  Ask your landlord for a cleaning inspection BEFORE you move out.  According to the law, you are entitled to an inspection within seven days before the lease ends. Then, the landlord must provide you with a written list of the items that still need to be cleaned.  Refer to 70-25-201

4.  Take pictures again.

5.  Check your move-in report.  Is the place in the same condition as when you moved in?


My landlord claims I didn't give him a 30 days notice:  Did you write the 30 days notice?  You must be able to prove that you gave him the appropriate notice.  Try using a Certified Letter for proof from now on.  You may owe for another 30 days, or until he rents the place.

My landlord never gave me a move-in report to complete:  If your landlord does not provide you with a move-in report at the beginning of the lease, it will be very difficult for him to prove that the place was different when you moved in.  This does not mean, however, that you should leave the place a mess.  See statute 70-25-206

My landlord lives out of state and is not able to do a move out inspection with me:  This is the responsibility of the landlord.  Make sure to provide evidence that you have asked for a move-out cleaning inspection.  Send a letter with Certificate of Mailing with the statute 70-25-201 quoted.  If they still refuse, it may be more difficult to hold the deposit for cleaning needed.

My landlord wants to give my roommates all different amounts of the deposit back.  Roommate issues can be tricky.  Are you and your roommates on seperate leases? ...or the same lease?    If you are all on the same lease, paying different people different amounts is probably wrong.  Make an appointment to chat with us.  Also, consider: Can your landlord PROVE that the individuals caused SPECIFIC damages to the property?


Disclaimer:  The information found at The Off-Campus Renter Center are not that of an attorney.  Please contact ASUM Legal Services (if a student) or your attorney for legal advice.  The information found here is intended for educational purposes only and should be used for ones own pursuit of mitigating disputes.