Your landlord has a responsibility to hear your complaint about neighbors, and has an even larger duty to remedy the complaint when your bothersome neighbor is another one of his tenants.

Landlords should write a letter to the neighbor tenants who are upsetting you. The landlord does not have to say your name, but it may be fairly obvious.

Retain evidence that you have complained to the landlord in case the situation gets so bad that you would like to break your lease. This can include a Certified Mailing leter and police reports (if the police were called).

**Note: It is difficult to prove some behaviors and, therefore, is difficult for the landlord to evict a tenant.  Any evidence you can retain of the neighbor's behaviorcan be helpful.  The landlord can evict for certain neighbor issues found here 70-24-422(4)

For more information about neighbor issues, visit the Neighborhood Ambassadors website.


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