Sample Letters & Guides

While the Montana Residential Landlord Tenant Act provides protections for both tenants and landlords, the law can be difficult to read and understand. Here is a collection of additional resources that we’ve compiled to help you understand your rights, avoid problems, and resolve conflicts as they occur.

Sample Letters

*These letters pop-up in a Word document to allow you to easily insert your own personal information.  Super easy!*

Sample Greivance Letter - Have a problem with your landlord? This letter outlines how to write a grievance letter, outline your demands, and how to inlude the parts of the Montana law that pertain to your situation.

       - Check the Deposit section for an example of a situation and the letter that was written!

Sample 30 Days Notice - Use this letter to give your 30 days notice to terminate your lease.

Sample Repairs Needed Letter - Use this letter to ask for repairs.  If you can prove that you asked for important repairs to be done in your rental and your landlord doesn't act, the law has some protections for you. 

Sample Grievance Letter to Montana Board of Realty Regulation - Use this in conjuntion with their form found on their website.

Sample Roommate Agreement - Use this agreement to protect yourself in case your roommate decides to bail on you during your lease. 

Sample Notice of Unlawful Entry by Landlord - Use this letter if your landlord fails to give you 24 hours notice before entering your proprty. 

Guide to Renter's Rights

Subletting Rights and Responsibilities

Montana Renters' Rights & Duties Handbook:  This guide will help you navigate your rights.  It is published by the Montana Commission on Self-Represented Litigants and Montana Legal Services Association.

Montana Landlords' Rights & Duties Handbook:  This guide will help you to see what a landlord is responsible for in renting.

Organizations that assist with Tenant/Landlord cases:

ASUM Legal Services - The Off-Campus Renter Center works closely with ASUM Legal Services to give students low-cost legal representation.  They are located next to ASUM. -  Landlord Tenant Resources - MontanaLawHelp is a great resource for landlords and tenants. There is information on an array of housing issues all written in plain language. There are three pages of landlord/tenant topics to check here if you have questions.

Montana Legal Services - If you are not a student and need to speak to an attorney please contact Montana Legal Services. They provide services to low and moderate income Montanans. The best way to contact them is through their Help Line: 1-800-666-6899...more info....