Montana Residential Tenant and Landlord Act

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There are three chapters in Montana code that primarily pertain to the Landlord/Tenant relationship. Use the links below to navigate the state law database and learn about your rights and responsibilities as a renter, and what to do if the landlord fails to uphold their end of the agreement. It’s strongly recommended that you read each section of code in its entirety prior to taking action. If you have a specific question feel free to contact us.

For additional assistance on how these laws apply to you please find your complaint to the left. 

Montana Renter's Rights & Duties Handbook:  find answers using this handbook put together by the Montana Supreme Court Commission on Self-Represented Litigants and Montana Legal Services Association.

Montana Tenant-Landlord Guide - this 2014 guide was created by MontPirg. A great resource for tenants and landlords alike!