Advisory Boards

ASUM Housing Board

The ASUM Housing Board provides student guidance and oversight to the ASUM Renter Center Director in addition to advocating and engaging with UM students and the wider campus community about housing issues. The Board and its members:

  • Review the operations, programs, and personnel of the ASUM Renter Center to ensure student oversight of student fee dollars;
  • Consult and advise the ASUM Renter Center Director during the creation, implementation, discontinuation, and ongoing operations of ASUM Renter Center programs;
  • Approve ASUM Renter Center expenses of over $300 with a two-thirds (2/3) majority vote, unless these expenses are related to wages or benefits of long-standing employee positions;
  • Report to the ASUM Senate the decisions and discussion topics of ASUM Housing Board meetings at one ASUM Senate meeting per month;
  • Discuss and develop long-term (5 years) and short term (1 year) programmatic and functional plans for the ASUM ASUM Renter Center, review this plan once per semester;
  • Publish an annual report identifying the achievements and areas of potential growth of the ASUM ASUM Renter Center within the current academic year's strategic plan.

Organization and Terms

The ASUM Housing Board is composed of seven voting members appointed or approved by the ASUM Senate. All voting members will be active UM students. Three of these voting members will be current ASUM Senators and the four remaining spaces will be filled by students-at-large (SALs). Any interested UM student can serve as a SAL on ASUM oversight committees. To apply to be a voting member of the ASUM Housing Board, please complete the Student at Large application and express in interest in serving on the ASUM Housing Board. Meetings will occur once monthly or more often at the discretion of the chair.

University District Neighborhood Council

Every citizen in Missoula has an opportunity to get involved in their Neighborhood Council and make a difference right where they live. Missoulians established Neighborhood Councils to build cooperation and improved communication between citizens and city officials.  Neighborhood Councils are set up to provide citizens with a venue to provide input to city agencies regarding issues and projects in their neighborhoods. The ASUM Renter Center Director regularly attends University District Neighborhood Council meetings in order to bring the student voice to UM's closest neighbors. If you would like to learn more about your neighborhood council, visit the Office of Neighborhoods webpage and find your neighborhood.

Organization and Terms

All residents of the University District are full voting members of the University District Neighborhood Council. There are at least two general meetings annually on a range of topics relevant to residents of the University District. The residents in attendance at the general meetings elect members of the leadership team who serve in an advanced capacity for two years terms. Leadership team members:

  • Preside at Neighborhood Council meetings;
  • Report to Community Forum;
  • Report to City Council;
  • Submit minority reports to the City Council;
  • Set meeting agendas and file them with the Neighborhood Coordinator;
  • Record meetings and file minutes with the Neighborhood Coordinator;
  • Take attendance at the Neighborhood Council meeting;
  • Meet at least once a quarter;
  • Approve spending and account for and report expenses and income in accordance with city fiscal policy;
  • Set up and host Neighborhood Council meetings.

Contact the University District Leadership Team