Agency Director

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Jordan Lyons is the Director of the ASUM Renter Center. Jordan holds a Master of Public Administration from UM, and for 10 years he has worked helping low-income people in Missoula with housing issues. He will help UM students understand their rights and responsibilities as renters, as well as promoting positive relationships between students and their neighbors. Jordan lives with his wife in Missoula's University District Neighborhood.


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Outreach Coordinator

Headshot of Brendan Shull

Meet Outreach Coordinator Brendan Shull.

"I moved from San Francisco to study nursing in Missoula. I enjoy coffee, travel, and helping others. I’m just a city boy lost in Montana."

Neighborhood Ambassadors Program

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The Neighborhood Ambassador Program is devoted to improving the neighbor to neighbor relationships in the University District by bridging the gap between student renters and permanent residents. Our team of 7-10 ambassadors work to: create and deliver a monthly neighborhood newsletter; plan neighborhood events; implement outreach campaigns on renter rights & responsibilities; and provide conflict mitigation services to residents.

Being a college town, Missoula has experienced neighborhood tensions between student renters and homeowners. The Neighborhood Ambassador Program creates more dialogue and understanding between the two groups.

Find out more about becoming a Neighborhood Ambassador or email the Neighborhood Ambassador Program.