About the Program

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The Neighborhood Ambassador Program (NAP) is a student-staffed, student-directed group dedicated to promoting the quality of life in the neighborhoods surrounding UM's campus. Housed within the ASUM Off-Campus Renter Center, the NAP hires and trains between 8 and 10 students to serve as liaisons between student renters and permanent residents living in the neighborhoods surrounding UM's campus. Ambassadors work in teams of two to serve their assigned areas. A highly experienced student is hired to assist with the management, supervision, and training of the neighborhood ambassador team. 

Through this team of neighborhood ambassadors, the program preemptively aims to: 

  • decrease identified neighborhood disturbances
  • increase neighborliness and overall communication between student renters and permanent residents
  • educate students on their rights and responsibilities as renters 

This is accomplished by the following deliverables: 

  • increased communication in a monthly newsletter, a blog and a facebook page
  • ambassadors visiting neighbors door-to-door
  • organizing neighborhood events
  • identifying neighborhood issues and creating programs to mitigate problems
  • distributing educational materials and programming for student renters

Please don't hesitate to email us at neighborhoodambassadors@mso.umt.edu or give us a call at 243-2017 if you are experiencing issues with your student renter neighbors. We are here to help!

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