Current Interns




Major: Environmental Studies

Minor: Climate Change Studies

"I wanted to be an intern for ASUM Sustainability because I wanted to get involved with sustainability efforts that UM pursues, and have an impact on decisions surrounding that. I also saw it as a good gateway for more sustainability related opportunities in my future."




Major: Environmental Studies

"If we as a collective body are to continue to multiply and spread, extract and consume:  Humanity must learn how to live symbiotically within a system of finite resources.  ASUM and the University of Montana provide opportunities by which students are encouraged to participate in the procurement of sustainable practices on campus.  As a supporter of a globalized and sustainable society, I will continue to secure the existence and prosperity of all life on Earth."



Major: Marketing, Certificate in Sustainable Business Strategy

"I chose to be a sustainability intern as a way to have a working view of my certificate. Sustainability has always interested me and this internship provides me with a unique perspective of sustainability in a campus setting."



Major: Environmental Studies and Climate Change Studies, Certificate in Sustainable Business Strategy

"I wanted to become a Sustainability Intern because I decided that I had learned enough about sustainability issues to confidently act upon my convictions. These past years at the University, I have learned about the struggles and successes of the environmental movement, and now I have the tools to contribute towards improving the quality of sustainability at the University. In addition, I knew this would be the opportunity to refine and improve upon my skills as a team member."

Past Interns

Alex Kramer

Interested in a Sustainability Internship?

Are you interested in gaining hands-on experience working on improving campus sustainability at UM while earning upper division course credit? If so, apply for an internship! Internships can be organized through either the ASUM Sustainability Center or UM Sustainability office and provide students with a wide range of experiences tailored to their interests. If you're interested in learning more, contact the ASUM Sustainability Coordinator at