Frequently Asked Questions


What is ASUM?

ASUM or the Associated Students of the University of Montana is the student government at the University of Montana. In addition to representing student interests to the administration, we provide a number of student services including but not limited to: Transportation, UM's College Radio (KBGA), Child Care, College Newspaper (Montana Kaimin), Legal Services, and the Renter Center.

How do I become a senator?

There are two ways to become a senator. You can fill out paperwork in the spring and run during the ASUM election. Campaigning typically starts around late March or early April. The other way is to apply to be a senator. There are times throughout the year that senate seats become vacant and ASUM fills those seats through conducting interviews of potential candidates. The application is located in the get involved page of the student government section in our website. All you have to do is fill out the application and you may be contacted for an interview!

How do I become a Student-at-Large?

You can fill out the SAL application on our website and you may be appointed to a committee soon after. The application is located in the get involved page of the student government section in our website.

When and where does ASUM meet?

We always meet at 6pm and typically in room 225 of the University Center. Occasionally, we have meetings at the Missoula College Campuses.

Where is ASUM Located?

We are on the first floor of the UC, right across from the market in suite 104.

How do I have my voice heard?

There are a number of ways you can voice your opinion to ASUM. First, you can come to public comment during our weekly meetings which occur on Wednesday. This occurs at the beginning of the meeting so be sure to get there on time! Second, you can fill out our feedback form which is located on our Facebook page.

How do I get a reimbursement?

Please read over the reimbursements page.

How do I know how much money is in my account?

Your treasurer is responsible for keeping track of all deposits and expenses, however, you may reach out to ASUM at and have a detailed account balanced emailed to you. Please Note: UMDW (platform for your account info) does not update in real time, hence the importance of the Treasurer's records.

How do I pay for someone who is performing or teaching something to our student group?

Independent Contractors are individuals who are not students or employees of the University that have some form of expertise and provide their services for a limited period of time, such as a DJ, referee, graphic designer, guest speaker, or contest judge. Two forms must be submitted to the ASUM Office Manager in advance; the Statement of Work form completed by the group and the W-9 form completed and signed by the Independent Contractor.
NOTE: These documents must be submitted at least two weeks before the independent contractor performs services for the student group.

How do I get a lawyer to represent me?

If you are a student of UofM then we can provide you with legal assistance, but we are not able to provide attorney representation for everyone. When you have an appointment with an attorney, we will be able to tell you how we are able to assist you.

What types of legal problems do you handle?

We can provide advice and resources to UofM students for almost any legal problem. We do not assist with legal problems against the University.

Do you charge any fees for your service?

Yes. There is a $25 fee for a legal advice appointment. There are fees ranging from $100 to $200 for additional services. Students may also have to pay any expenses associated with their case, such as court filing fees.

Can faculty and staff utilize ASUM Legal Services?

No. ASUM Legal Services only serves students of the University of Montana. If you have questions about this policy, please contact the Director of ASUM Legal Services.

Do you provide services to Missoula College, West Campus or Bitterroot College students?

Yes. We provide the same services to students of Missoula, Bitterroot, West campus and Main campus. If a student is unable to come to our office at Main Campus, we will arrange for other means of communication, such as via video. If there is sufficient need we may be able to travel to those campuses to provide services.

If my case continues past graduation will legal services continue working on my case?

Yes, but there may be limits to the service and to the length of time of service depending on the case. There also may be additional fees.

Do you have a notary in the office?

We do not have a Notary Public in the office at this time. Please contact us for available Notary services on campus.

How long will it take me to see an attorney after the intake appointment?

You will be contacted within 1-3 business days to schedule an appointment.

Where can I find an apartment, a renter, or roommates?

Check out our Housing Finder web app!

How can I get help for a dispute with a landlord?

Schedule an appointment on Starfish or find resources on our Griz Renter Blog.

How can I report an issue in my neighborhood?

Fill out the form at to report a concern.

Are you hiring?

Yes! Learn more by visiting Handshake, UM's official online recruiting platform.

Do you have part time enrollment?

No, we currently do not accept part time enrollment. We charge for a full day, however, you may choose to drop your child off any time after 7:30am and pick up any time before 5:30pm you just pay for the full day.

Do you have to be a University student to use the child care services?

Yes, you need to be either a student paying the activity fee or faculty or staff member.

Can I drop in and visit during the day?

Yes, we have an open door policy for parents. You may drop in and spend time with your child whenever you want, just keep in mind that your child may not understand that you are just visiting and may get upset when you leave.

Do I have to pay for days that my child is absent?

Yes, we do not give credit for absent days.

Do I have to pick set days or can I drop in whenever I want?

You need to have set days each week. We have to meet licensing regulations on the maximum size of each classroom and if you drop in, that could put us over for that day and we would not be in compliance with licensing. Maximum classrooms sizes are: 12 for (0-2 year olds), 16 for (2-3 year olds) and 24 for (4-5 year olds).

What is your adult/child ratio?

The adult/child ratios required by licensing is 1 to 4 for under two years old, 1 to 8 for 2-3 year olds and 1 to 10 for 4-5 year olds. Our ratios are always below that, as we have two classified staff in each classroom as well as students that work throughout the day. We also have two site coordinators and the director available to help in the classroom should someone be absent.

Do I need a car on campus?

Missoula is a very compact city with great bike facilities and public transportation. It is really easy to live on or near campus without owning a car. The University of Montana is one of a handful of Gold-level Bicycle Friendly Universities designated by the League of American Bicyclists. UDASH, the University of Montana's student-run transit system, provides free, convenient, high-frequency bus service to campus. Mountain Line, the city's transit system, is also free to the public. If you do choose to bring a car, be advised that parking can be difficult and expensive.

I have a parking permit; why should I ride the bus?

  • It's Free: Driving and parking can be expensive and inconvenient. On average, owning and operating a car costs more annually than in-state tuition at the University of Montana. Save money on gas, insurance, parking, and maintenance by riding the bus.
  • It's Easy: You can relax on your commute, giving you more time to read, catch up on social media, or cram for your exam.
  • It's Convenient: With service every 10-30 minutes, there is always a UDASH bus around the corner. As a plus, the bus is always warm in the winter, and you never have to scrape ice off the windshield.
  • It's Fast and Efficient: Finding parking can take a long time. UDASH reduces traffic congestion while getting you to your destination, making it easier for everyone to get to campus.
  • It's Good for the Environment: Public transportation improves local air quality, cuts greenhouse gas emissions, and reduces dependence on foreign oil.
  • It's Good for Your Health: Public transportation has been proven to improve physical and mental health. You get more exercise walking or biking to bus stops than just getting in and out of your car. Don't worry about road rage, and arrive to work or school stress-free.
  • It's Social: You can people-watch, meet new friends, and feel more connected to your neighbors and community.

Help! I've never ridden a bus before.

Riding the bus is easy. Both UDASH and Mountain Line are fare-free, so you simply get on the bus and enjoy the ride. Find your origin and destination on the map and locate the route or routes that get you closest to your destination. Arrive at the bus stop a few minutes before the scheduled departure time. When the bus arrives, board the bus through the front door. Settle in and enjoy your ride. About a block before your stop, pull the yellow stop request cord to signal that you'd like to get off the bus. If you need help finding your destination, ASUM Transportation staff are happy to help you navigate the system.

Do you have an app with bus information?

Yes! You can find UDASH information on the UMontana app. You can also download the Ride Systems app and select the University of Montana. View all of our mobile options at

I don't have a bike, and I haven't ridden a bike since I was a kid. What are my options?

No problem! We offer semester-long bike rentals for $60. You can rent a bike for your first semester at UM to see if it's the right choice for you. You can also rent a bike every semester you're at UM, or if you decide to purchase a bike, we offer interest-free bike loans for up to $1,000. If you're uncomfortable riding a bike, we offer periodic guided rides and classes on safe riding.