How to Get Funding

Every spring semester, ASUM distributes a large sum of money to student groups. Only currently recognized groups may apply for funding during the Annual Budgeting Allocation. This allocation process is for funds made available for the following fiscal year, which runs July 1 through June 30. Allocations are assigned in specific expense categories, such as supplies or rent, (usually as requested by the group). Any ASUM allocated funds which remain unspent by the end of The University's fiscal year are reclaimed by ASUM.  Groups need to pay close attention to the expense categories they spend from so they don't end up with a negative balance at the end of the fiscal year when ASUM removes unspent allocated funds. The ASUM Business Manager contacts all student groups at the beginning of each spring semester about the process for applying for an ASUM allocation.

After submitting a budget proposal as well as an outline stating specific details about what is being requested under each line item, a member, or members of your group, will present the request to the Senate. This is a time when you can introduce your group to Senate members, outline your request, and let the Senate know where your funding priorities are for the following year. This is the formal period of Spring Budgeting. You will sign up for a time when you submit your budget to ASUM.

Special Allocations help fund groups hosting major events or meetings on campus or the Missoula area. Recognized groups can  Apply for Special Allocations anytime during the semester, but any funds that are awarded must be spent as awarded during that semester. Recommendations regarding Special Allocations are made by the ASUM Senate Budget and Finance Committee and are then voted on by the ASUM Senate which meets most Wednesday evenings at 6 p.m. To submit a Special Allocation request, or if you have questions, please contact the ASUM Business Manager at or call (406) 243-2704. When a Special Allocation is awarded, the funds are not transferred to the group's account. Instead, the expense is paid from an ASUM administrative account.

The State Term Investment Pool (STIP) helps purchase equipment with a value of at least $150 which will be of use to a recognized group for a minimum of two years. STIP Requests are for capital improvements with long term value. Download the  STIP Request Form or contact the ASUM Business Manager at (406) 243-2704 or email if you have questions. When a STIP Request is approved, the funds are not transferred to the group's account. Instead, the expense is paid from an ASUM administrative account.

Groups raise funds in a variety of ways: selling tickets to events; selling products such as baked goods or T-shirts; soliciting donations from campus departments and administrative offices; dues; contributions from national or local affiliates; and soliciting donations from businesses and individuals. Any monies raised by groups themselves are considered their own to spend as they want, as long as they are in compliance with UM and ASUM Fiscal Policy and procedures. A group's own funds carry over from one fiscal year to the next whereas ASUM allocated funds do not (see item 1. under ASUM Allocations below). Student groups wanting to provide  tax-deductible receipts for donations must deposit those donations into an ASUM Foundation account. Donation checks can still be made out in the name of your group but must then be given to the ASUM Office Manager,  Gwen Coon, who will forward them to the Foundation. The Foundation will send a receipt directly to the donor, as long as a mailing address is provided. The Foundation will assess a  6% fee per donation. The donated funds, less 6%, can then be used by your group to pay expenses. For information on how to provide acknowledgement for tax purposes of donated items or services, download our  Tax Exempt Donations document.

Downloadable Forms

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