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Submit Feedback to the ASUM Program Prioritization Committee about Program Prioritization!

The ASUM Program Prioritization Committee wants you to share your voice with us. Give us your answer to questions like:

What do you think about the process? What should be included that we aren't considering? What are we including that we should exclude? How can we make the process more transparent?

We will use your feedback to make decisions as a committee, including tasking our student representatives on the Academic Programs and Administrative Services Prioritization Task Force to share your opinions.

Come to a Meeting!

The Associated Students of the University of Montana (ASUM) has created a committeeto coordinate with students in order to collect opinions on the program prioritization process. The committee also exists to inform and advise the student representatives on the APASP Task Force.

The ASUM Program Prioritization committee meets every Friday from 4-5pm in UC 207 and we want you to come share your voice with us.

The Academic Programs and Administrative Services Prioritization Task Force's next meeting is: Thursday April 20th from 8am to 10am in UC 326-327. (Note, you are encouraged to come and listen in on the meetings, but there is no area currently outlined for a public comment or audience participation.)

You are strongly encouraged to come and keep up to date at both committees on the program prioritization process at the University of Montana.

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