Technical Issues


Question: What versions of Windows OS is Banner certified to run on?
Answer: Windows 7 and 8.

Question: What browser should I use to access UM Banner (
Answer: The only browsers supported by Banner are Internet Explorer versions 9 and above and Safari 5 or higher.

Question: Will Banner work on Macs?
Answer: Yes. Banner will work on a Mac running OS X using the Oracle supported browser Safari. However, the font size is significantly smaller on a Mac than on a Windows PC. This is a known issue to both SCT and Oracle. Apple and Oracle have been working together in an effort to resolve a number of issues with Macintoshes. In addition, sometimes in Safari, the characters are difficult to read because they do not display clearly or parts of some characters are missing. Some universities have suggested resolving this by turning on the Smooth All Text in Java Applets settings options.

Question: What is a Java
Answer: Please visit our JAVA FAQ