Java FAQ


Question: What is the Java plug-in?
Answer: The Java plug-in is software that must reside on all Windows machines that use a web browser to access Banner ( Java runs automatically with your web browser and connects Windows-based clients and Oracle Application Forms. At UM, as much as possible, Banner runs on the most current version of Java.

Question: How do I find out if I have Java on my computer?
Answer: Other web applications utilize Java, so it may already be installed on your computer. You can check by going to the Java: Version Check page.

Question: What happens the first time I login to Banner if I don’t have the most current version of Java installed or if it’s not installed at all?
Answer: During your first time login to Banner, if Java is not already installed on your computer or if you have a prior version installed, your browser will notify you that Java is required and will then walk you through the download process. The process will begin with an error message. However, you must have administrative privileges on your computer in order to perform the download. 

Question: How often does UM’s Banner server and Banner Support website update to the most current version of Java?
Answer: The Banner server and Banner Support website are updated to the most current version of Java quarterly, in conjunction with Banner maintenance. Banner users without administrative privileges on their computers who don’t update prior to the quarterly date will not be able to access Banner once the update has occurred.

Question: Will conflicts occur if I have a newer version of Java on my computer than the version on the Banner server?
Answer: Even though a server lag time is possible with Java updates if a new version is released by Oracle prior to the quarterly activity, no version conflicts will occur if users update.

Question: Should I allow automatic updates of Java on my computer?
Answer: For new users with administrative privileges, the default settings in Java will cause automatic updates to occur as new updates are released. However, for users who already had Java installed (and who have administrative privileges), they should check the Java settings and make sure automatic updates are enabled.

Question: I have a Macintosh computer.  Do I need to install Java?
Answer: Yes, you must have Java to access Banner.  Please see notes for Mac Users on our Java page.