Java is software that must reside on all Windows and Macintosh machines that use a web browser to access Banner ( Java runs automatically with your web browser and connects Windows and Mac-based clients and Oracle Application Forms. At UM the current Java version used on the Banner servers is Java 8 Update 151. Banner users should run this version to ensure access.  Remove all versions of Java and the next time you open Banner the correct version of Java will download.  Please contact your departmental IT administrator for assistance if necessary. 


Mac users must run Java 8.1.151 to ensure Banner functionality. Follow these steps. Please contact your departmental IT administrator or IT Central (243-HELP) if you need assistance. 

  • Uninstall any previous versions of Java.
  • Login to Banner to download the correct Java version.

Now that  Java 8.1.151 is installed you must display Developer Tool on the menu and then EVERY time you access to Banner you must select the User Experience of Internet Explorer 11. 

To display Develop on the menu:

  • Open Safari
  • Safari, Preferences
  • Click on Advanced Tab
  • Check box to Show Develop Menu in the Menu Bar

To select the User Experience of Internet Explorer 11

  • Click on the Develop menu option
  • Select User Agent (2nd on the list)
  • Select Internet Explorer 11

This is a onetime setting and needs to be selected every time you access Banner.

You should also verify that allows:

  • Content Blocker
  • Pop-up blockers

Check Safari Website Preferences to see these individual settings.