Broader Impacts Group

Nathalie Wolfram's head shot

Nathalie Wolfram


Sara Bunton's head shot

Sara Bunton

Administrative Associate Manager

Beth Covitt's head shot

Beth Covitt

Head of Science Education
Research & Evaluation


Hannah Gimpel's head shot

Hannah Gimpel

Associate Director of Finance 

Head shot of Nicollette Frank

Nicollette Frank

Education and Evaluation Research Associate

Autonomous Aerial Systems Office

Bart Bauer's head shot

Bart Bauer

Interim Director

Jaylene Naylor's head shot

Jaylene Naylor

Assistant Director

Carl Spangrude's head shot

Carl Spangrude

Montana Space Grant Consortium Affiliate

Office of Undergraduate Research (OUR@UM)

Alexis Gibson

Alexis Gibson


spectrUM Discovery Area

Jessie Herbert-Meny's head shot

Jessie Herbert-Meny


Nick Wethington's head shot

Nick Wethington

Associate Director

 Caitlin Ervin's head shot

Caitlin Ervin

Education Program Manager

Evan Rock's head shot

Evan Rock

Science Education Program Coordinator

 Seisin Eyer's head shot

Seisin Eyer

Making Spaces Coordinator

Spatial Analysis Lab

Jessica Mitchell's head shot

Jessica Mitchell


Melissa Hart's head shot

Melissa Hart

GIS Analyst/Ecologist

Ryan Rock's head shot

Ryan Rock

Image Analyst

Claudine Tobalske head shot

Claudine Tobalske

GIS Analyst/Ecologist

Wildlife Conservation & Enterprise Program

Lisa Mills's head shot

Lisa Mills

Wildlife and Enterprise Program Manager