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Are you planning a visit for K-12 students to the University of Montana? Learn more below about UM programs that offer field trips and visits for students on campus.

Health science field trip

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Three_Forks_FlyIn.jpgThe Autonomous Aerial Systems Office offers a hands-on, creative, problem-solving activity learning basic Python programming to fly small drones.

Capacity: 15-20 students

Recommended ages: 4th grade and up

Cost: $100 per hour and a half

Contact: Jaylene Naylor (jaylene.naylor@umontana.edu)

esports-game.jpgJoin UM Media Arts professor and UM ESports team director Michael Cassens in UM's new ESports training facility to learn about gaming concepts, create a mobile application/game, and deploy it on a smartphone and share with others. Students will learn about UM's Media Arts program, meet UM ESports players, and learn about the team.

Capacity: currently 15, building capacity to 30+ students

Recommended ages: Middle-High School

Cost: Free

Contact: Michael Cassens (michael.cassens@umontana.edu)

griz2.jpgGrizzly Athletics Facilities Tours include guided access to the Hall of Champions, Sky Club, and Washington-Grizzly Stadium football field as available. Other areas may also be included in the tour subject to availability.  Tours are normally scheduled for a one hour time block which including a 30 minute tour and 30 minutes of access to the football field.

Capacity: 30-35 people per tour

Recommended ages: All ages

Cost: Free

Contact: Please fill out the request form or call 243-2202.

Go Griz!


media.jpgVisit the Montana Media Lab in the School of Journalism!

1) Record your own podcast and create your own audio program.

2) Make a music video for YouTube using green screen technology.

Capacity: 20 students

Recommended ages: Tailor to any age

Cost: Free

Contact: Anne Bailey (anne.bailey@umontana.edu)

spiderandkid.jpgMissoula Butterfly House and Insectarium is currently housed on UM campus while it plans and builds its home in Missoula. Part of the collection is available for hands-on tours that teach children and adults about invertebrate biology, ecology, and conservation. 

Capacity: 20 students, 3 chaperones

Recommended ages: All ages

Cost: $80/show

Contact: Brenna Shea (brenna@missoulabutterflyhouse.org)


The Montana Museum of Art and Culture, the state's largest and deepest collection of art, exhibits, and important works from many cultures and periods and features several rotating exhibitions each year. Information about current shows is available on the MMAC website or by calling 243-2019. Docent tours are tailored to fit the interests of students and teachers.

Capacity: 30 students, plus teachers/chaperones

Ages: All ages

Cost: Free

Contact: Herbert Swick (hmlswick@msn.com) or Anne Bertsche (annejon@montana.com)

Kallie-Moore.DSC_1442.jpgThe UM Paleontology Collection has an estimated 40,000 specimen-lots, with over 2,000 being type (published) specimens, that represent the ancient heritage of North America, as well as containing specimens from over 20 different countries.

Capacity: 27 students

Recommended ages: 3rd grade and up

Cost: $20 per hour

Contact: Kallie Moore (kallie.moore@umontana.edu)

umzm.jpgPhilip L. Wright Zoological Museum (UMZM) a natural history museum located at the University of Montana containing over 22,500 specimens of birds and mammals. UMZM is the largest zoological collection in Montana and serves as the principal repository for important bird and mammal state records.

Capacity: 30 students

Recommended ages: 3rd grade and up

Cost: $25/hour

Contact: Angela Hornsby (angela.hornsby@umontana.edu)

planetarium-room.jpgPlanetarium shows will familiarize you with the constellations, planets, and bright deep sky objects currently visible, as well as any exciting upcoming celestial events. The remainder of each show can be tailored to include any specific topic(s) that you are studying in your classroom.

Capacity: 27 students, 3 chaperones

Recommended ages: All ages

Cost: $60 per show (discounts available for schools with multiple bookings)

Contact: Karie Hyslop (karie.hyslop@umontana.edu)

HighSchoolTurnTable_DSC_2715.jpgspectrUM Discovery Area is a hands-on science center that promotes a culture of learning and discovery for all, with the ultimate goal of inspiring young Montanans to pursue higher education and careers in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM).

Capacity: 40 students

Recommended ages: All ages

Cost: $5 per student

Contact: Caitlin Ervin (caitlin.ervin@umontana.edu or 406-728-7836)

Bob-activity.jpgWe Are Montana in the Classroom connects K-12 students and teachers with UM role models (faculty, graduate students, and professionals) who lead hands-on activities designed to inspire students about higher education and career pathways. We Are Montana in the Classroom can send a UM role model to your school or we can arrange for you to visit a lab, studio, or classroom while you are visiting campus.

Capacity: 25 students (or one full class)

Recommended ages: K-12

Cost: Free

Contact: Nathalie Wolfram (nathalie.wolfram@umontana.edu

20180612_MedStart_7217-1.jpgMedical Detectives is a half-day program developed by Western Montana AHEC for high school students to learn about the cross-section between genetics, medicine, and biomedical research. High school students and their teachers would visit the UM campus to conduct biotechnology procedures to diagnosis a medical disorder for a family, learn about opioid addiction, or try to detect antibiotic resistance in the environment.

Capacity: 30 students

Recommended ages: high school students

Cost: Free

Contact: Lily Apedaile (lily.apedaile@umontana.edu or 406-243-7946)

20180612_MedStart_7217-1.jpgREACH (Research and Explore Awesome Careers in Healthcare) is a day-long camp offered by Western Montana AHEC for high school students at their local healthcare facility or on the UM college campus to explore careers in the medical field. Students will rotate through different stations where they will learn hands-on healthcare skills.

Capacity: 50-60 students per day

Recommended ages: middle and high school students

Cost: Free

Contact: Lily Apedaile (lily.apedaile@umontana.edu or 406-243-7946)

Feel free to contact each program directly or contact Karie Hyslop for assistance with planning your students' visit to UM.