Focus Areas

Pharmaceutical Sciences

Organic moleculePharmaceutical Sciences lab groups in BMED are conducting projects that cover the entire gamut of drug discovery, from the molecular pharmacology of signal transduction to drug design and metabolism, to more translational studies in pharmacogenomics and therapeutics with applications in CNS diseases and cancer.


Neural tissueNeuroscience lab groups in BMED are actively engaged in studies of synaptic physiology, CNS disease mechanisms and imaging, as well as basic structural, functional, and pharmacological studies on neurotransmitter receptors and transporters.


Imaging of a set of lungsToxicology lab groups in BMED are investigating the molecular, cellular, and physiological effects of environmental agents and their capacity to trigger or exacerbate human diseases involving the respiratory, immune, gastrointestinal and nervous systems.

Medicinal Chemistry

Graph measuring purity of an organic compoundMedicinal Chemistry research in BMED focuses on the design, chemical synthesis and development of bio-active molecules and pharmaceutical agents for a diverse array of biomedically relevant targets, such as the development of diagnostics, therapeutics and imaging agents as applied to a range of pathological conditions including CNS diseases and cancer.


GraphImmunology groups in BMED are actively involved in defining aspects of basic immune function, elucidating the etiology of immune-mediated diseases such as autoimmunity, allergic responses and inflammatory conditions, determining the impacts of the environment on the immune system, and developing novel therapies to regulate and/or treat immunological diseases.


Radiographic image of a tissue sampleCancer research projects by BMED faculty include investigations on breast cancer pharmacogenomics, glial brain tumors, mesothelioma, natural products, tumor-activated drugs, and tumor-selective imaging agents.