Pharmaceutical Sciences

Pharmaceutical Science lab groups in BMED are conducting projects that cover the entire gamut of drug discovery and development to translational implementation, including drug design, molecular and cellular pharmacology, drug metabolism and transport, and pharmacogenomics and precision medicine.

One of the most prominent themes linking faculty researchers in BMED is a shared interest in the disciplines of pharmaceutical sciences, a traditional strength within a School of Pharmacy. These BMED research groups have strong foundations in pharmacology, pharmaceutics, pharmacokinetics, medicinal chemistry, and toxicology. The pharmaceutical sciences are highly multidisciplinary using biochemical, biophysical, cellular and molecular biology, chemical, computational, and genetic approaches to elucidate the mechanisms of drug action including drug target identification and characterization, drug distribution to target tissues, and pathways of drug metabolism and transport. Projects range from drug design of novel therapeutics, structure-function relationships to understand drug targets and biomarkers of disease, and pharmacogenomics and precision medicine to improve drug efficacy and safety. Research in Pharmaceutical Sciences is highly synergistic with groups in Medicinal Chemistry, Neuroscience and Toxicology. Research in the program includes a diverse range of therapeutic areas including cancer, cardiovascular, dermatological, immune-mediated, and neurological diseases. A list of BMED faculty interests in Pharmaceutical Sciences can be found below.

Students working in the Pharmaceutical Sciences labs have pursued their graduate degrees in:

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