Dual Enrollment

High School-Age Students

Students who are over the age of 16 and are currently enrolled in high school or are being home schooled, may apply as Dual Enrollment students to register for college courses at Bitterroot College or, if available, at their local high school.

  1. Dual Enrollment students pay half tuition and no fees (excepting specific course fees)
  2. Dual Enrollment students are considered non-degree seeking students and therefore are not eligible for Federal Financial Aid

Dual Enrollment: Dual Credit versus Early College

Dual Credit (DC): credits are awarded by both high school and the College for the same course; course usually is taken on the high school campus

Early College (EC): credits are awarded only by the College; course is taken on College campus or delivered by College online/remotely

Dual Enrollment Application

To apply as a Dual Enrollment student, carefully read and follow procedures below or view dual enrollment application video.

Step 1. Complete Online Application

  • Start by filling out and submitting the Application Creation information
    • For the first question Are you looking to take college courses while still enrolled in a participating Montana high school/home school? select Yes
  • Open email from University of Montana with application login password and link
    • Click on Login to complete your application link
    • Create account Password (record for later access)
  • Under Your Application, click on Dual Enrollment link
  • Click on Open Application button
  • Complete all application sections
    • If you are an Early College applicant, in the Approvals section provide two approvals
      • First Approval: parent/guardian
      • Second Approval: Bitterroot College advisor
        • First Name: Jamie
        • Last Name: Standaert
        • Organization: Bitterroot College UM
        • Position/Title: Advisor
        • Telephone: (406) 375-0100
        • Email: jamie.standaert@mso.umt.edu

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Step 2. Submit Immunization Requirement Form (Early College Only)

Submit Immunization Requirement Form in person at Bitterroot College or mail to Bitterroot College UM, 103 South 9th Street, Hamilton, MT 59840. You must submit proof of two doses of MMR vaccination.

Need help obtaining your vaccination records or getting vaccinated?
Stop by or call us at (406) 375-0100, and we can assist you!

Step 3. Take Placement Tests (Early College Only)

You may need to complete math and/or writing placement tests prior to meeting with our academic advisor and registering for courses. Stop by or call us at (406) 375-0100 to ask questions about your specific placement testing status.
Learn more about Placement Tests >

Step 4. Meet with Academic Advisor and Register for Courses (Early College Only)

Schedule an appointment to meet with Bitterroot College Academic Advisor Jamie Standaert. Jamie provides information about degree and course options, helps you plan your course schedule, and assists you in registering for your courses. To schedule your advising appointment with Jamie, stop by or call (406) 375-0100.

Step 5. Attend New Student Orientation (Early College Only)

Early College students are strongly encouraged to attend our New Student Orientation. Register online to let us know when you are coming!

Learn more about New Student Orientation > 


Through the One-Two-Free Program, students may enroll in their first two dual enrollment courses, or up to six credits, tuition free. Students may enroll in additional Dual Enrollment courses at the Dual Enrollment rate of 50% of two-year resident tuition. Students who demonstrate hardship may apply for a scholarship to cover tuition for additional Dual Enrollment courses. Course fees may apply for specific courses.


Jamie Standaert
Dual Enrollment Coordinator
(406) 375-0100