Students who have earned college credit at Bitterroot College, Missoula College, or University of Montana in the past but have not taken any Bitterroot College, Missoula College, or University of Montana college course(s) in the past 24 months must complete and submit an online application.

Students applying for Readmission, must also submit a new Immunization Requirement Form.

Step 1. Submit Online Application for Readmission

Submit your Online Application for college readmission; carefully read and follow procedures below.

  • Start by filling out and submitting the Application Creation information; for the following prompts, choose:
    • Are you looking to re-enroll after some time away? Yes
    • Select level of education: Degree
    • Select your major: General Studies A.A. (Bitterroot College) or Pre-nursing (Bitterroot College)
    • Applying as a: Leave this field blank
  • Open email from University of Montana with application login password and link
    • Click on Login to complete your application link
    • Create account Password (record for later access)
  • Click on Start New Application
    • Select appropriate academic year
    • Select Readmission
    • Click on Create Application
  • In Application Information screen, select the following:
    • Education level: Degree
    • Select your major: General Studies A.A. (Bitterroot College) or Pre-nursing (Bitterroot College)
    • Term of entry: select appropriate term
    • Applying as a: Undergraduate
    • Location: Bitterroot College
  • In Residency screen, be sure to answer Yes to the question Are you claiming in-state tuition classification as a Montana resident? if you live in Montana.

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Step 2. Submit Transcripts If . . .

Former students who have attended another college or university since attending Bitterroot College must also submit college transcripts.

Submit your college transcripts in person at Bitterroot College or have them mailed to UM Admissions, 32 Campus Drive MS 2016, Missoula, MT 59812.

 Need help obtaining your transcripts?
Stop by or call us at (406) 375-0100, and we can assist you!

Step 3. Submit Immunization Requirement Form

Submit Immunization Requirement Form in person at Bitterroot College or mail to Bitterroot College UM, 103 South 9th Street, Hamilton, MT 59840. You must submit proof of two doses of MMR vaccination.

 Need help obtaining your vaccination records or getting vaccinated?
Stop by or call us at (406) 375-0100, and we can assist you!

Step 4. Take Placement Tests

Depending on your previous college coursework, you may need to complete math and/or writing placement tests prior to meeting with our academic advisor and registering for courses. Stop by or call (406) 375-0100 to ask questions about your specific placement testing status.
Learn more about Placement Tests >

Step 5. Meet with Academic Advisor and Register for Courses

Set up an appointment to meet with Bitterroot College Academic Advisor Lea Guthrie. Lea provides information about degree and course options, helps you plan your course schedule, and assists you in registering for your courses. To schedule your advising appointment with Lea, stop by or call (406) 375-0100.

Learn more about Academic Advising >  
Learn more about Registering for Courses >

Step 6. Attend New Student Orientation

All returning students may attend our New Student Orientation. Register online to let us know if you are coming!

Learn more about New Student Orientation >

Meri Telin
Enrollment Services Coordinator
(406) 375-0100