More Health Programs

All prerequisite courses for the following Missoula College Health Professions programs can be completed by taking face-to-face and online courses offered through the Bitterroot College:

Admission, Tuition & Fees, and Start Dates for Prerequisite Coursework

  • Admission
    • Submit college application
    • On application, for education goal, select Associate degree/certificate and for field of study select/write-in the Health Professions program of interest:
      • Pre - Medical Assisting
      • Pre - Paramedicine
      • Pre - Pharmacy Technology
      • Pre - Radiologic Technologist
      • Pre - Respiratory Care Technician
      • Pre - Surgical Technician
  • Tuition & Fees
    • $2,100 per semester for a full-time, resident student (12 or more credits)
    • Federal Financial Aid available; visit Pay for College
    • For more Tuition & Fees information, visit Pay for College
  • Start Dates
    • Fall, spring, and summer semesters; visit Academic Calendar
    • Recommendation: allow 8-10 weeks for application, registration, and Federal Financial Aid processing


All college courses taken through attendance at Bitterroot College UM are accredited through and transcripted by Missoula College UM.

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Academic & Student Services Director
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