UM Black Student Union

Greetings and welcome

We are pleased to provide an opportunity for all students attending The University of Montana to join in fellowship and advocacy through the Black Student Union.

The University of Montana Black Student Union (UMBSU) is an organization dedicated to encouraging cultural diversity at The University of Montana, with special regard to students of African descent.

Members of the University administration, the student body, and the local community have partnered to enhance the educational experience of African and African-American students while at The University of Montana. In forming the BSU, the University community establishes the following beliefs:

We believe that the academic needs and cultural realities of Black students deserve the same respect afforded other institutional programs.

We believe that the University validates the importance of African and African-American students on campus by acknowledging the varying contributions and needs of those students. Fulfilling these needs at the collegiate level will provide students with more resources to draw upon once their college experience has concluded.

Finally, we value student growth and development and strive for cross-cultural understanding and appreciation of all of our diverse histories and experiences.

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University of Montana Black Student Union · Continuing a tradition of excellence.