Scholarship Opportunities

African American scholarships are out there, as are African American college grants. A college education isn’t confined to what is contained in your textbook or how much extra credit you can get for completing side projects or doing research for a professor. A postsecondary education allows students to step out of their hometown comfort zone and to develop relationships they may not have otherwise developed. You could learn a lot from someone who comes from a different culture, a different background. This experience can be as valuable as the academic knowledge and career preparation and training you had in mind when you enrolled. This is one of the reasons why colleges offer financial aid packages designed to fill campuses with students of different cultures, economic backgrounds and life experiences. Like students who belong to other minority groups, African American students can benefit from this search for diversity. Numerous scholarships for minorities exist, and many more scholarship awards are available specifically for African American students seeking a postsecondary degree.

Check out some of the awards below for information about a few of the many African American scholarships that may be found at Mind you, there are often other criteria, in addition to ethnicity, for qualifying for these and most other scholarships, which is why you should conduct a free college scholarship search at to get a list of scholarship opportunities tailored to your specific situation and qualifications. This will save time searching so you can spend that time applying for and, hopefully, winning scholarships!