UM website redesign

Our website is about to get a lot better...

The university website is getting some major overhauls. Our primary goal is a laser-sharp focus on making the prospective student experience as welcoming and easy to use as possible. 

Consistency will be a continued theme during the project. Consistency makes the user experience better, improves our ability to maintain the website and presents a professional face to our visitors.


For visitors

  • More consistency will make it easier to navigate between parts of the website.
  • Content will be reorganized to be more obvious, easier to find, and simpler to read.
  • Mobile-first templates mean your phone isn’t left out.
  • Predictable URLs make it easier to move around in the site.

For editors

  • With more photographers on staff, you’ll get to engage visitors with new photography.
  • Writers and editors will help you write an engaging homepage and will be available to assist in making your content shine.
  • New page settings will make the CMS more intuitive to use while maintaining flexibility.
  • New modules will all give previews inside the CMS without having to publish first.
  • Publishing times and previews will be faster, especially for large sites.
  • New modules to highlight your great content.
  • More training resources... both online and in-person.

Staying updated

We know there’s lots you want to know and are committed to providing several channels for you to use to stay informed throughout the project implementation.


Email updates

For project updates and spotlights in your inbox, please sign up for our email list.

User group listening sessions

If you are a CMS user, we’ll start up user groups this semester to listen to your feedback and suggestions during regularly scheduled meetings. You will receive an invite at the email address your CMS account is registered with by the end of Spring semester.