2018 Spring FEW Seminar

Windmill at sunset

Sharpen your interdisciplinary science skills by learning new tools and methods through mini-workshops and primers!

This seminar will help you build skills for multiple career paths in interdisciplinary science, with a suite of guest lectures, primers, and mini-workshops on a range of methods and models.

Co-convened as GEO 595-02  (CRN 38841)and NRSM 595-02 (CRN 38621); Fridays 11:00-11:50 in Stone Hall 217. 1 credit Spring 2018.

January 26                      Models and Methods for Complex Systems and Interdisciplinary Science: the what and why of models for understanding our world; Dr. Alisa Wade, Program Coordinator, UM BRIDGES

 February 2                      Introduction to Simulation Modeling: systems dynamics and agent based models; Dr. Alisa Wade

 February 9                      Ethics and the Environment: the Klamath Basin crisis as a case study in the nexus of food, energy, and water in the American West; Dr. Dan Spencer, Professor, Environmental Studies, University of Montana

 February 16                  R Primer (for enrolled students only)

 February 23                  Policy-Relevant Science: an expert panel discussion of how to connect research to policy-making; Moderator: Dr. Brian Chaffin, Assistant Professor, Department of Resource Conservation. Panelists will include Jakki Mohr, UM College of Business; Stephen Posner, COMPASS; Dave Naugle, College of Forestry

 March 2                          Optimization Modelling: Drs. Marco Maneta and Payton Gardner, Associate and Assistant Professors,  Department of Geosciences, University of Montana

 March 9                          Non-market Valuation: estimating values for non-market goods and services; Dr. Katrina Mullan, Associate Professor, Department of Economics, University of Montana

 March 16                        Google Earth Engine: Dr. Nathaniel Robinson, Research Scientist, Department of Forest Management, University of Montana

 March 23                        Conceptual Models: conceptual models as boundary objects for interdisciplinary team science; Dr. Kristal Jones, Assistant Research Scientist, National Socio-Environmental Synthesis Center (SESYNC), University of Maryland

 April 6                             Climate-carbon Feedbacks in the Earth System: Dr. Ashley Ballantyne, Associate Professor, Ecosystem Science and Restoration, University of Montana

 April 13                          HydroViz: on-line hydrological system visualization; Dr. Andrew Wilcox, Associate Professor, Department of Geosciences, University of Montana

 April 20                           Working with Tribes in a Research Context: Dr. Ed Galindo, PI, Indigenous STEM Research and Graduate Education Program, University of Idaho

 April 27                           Co-production of Knowledge: skills and processes; Dr. Carina Wyborn, Research Adviser, Luc Hoffmann Institute

 May 4                               Lightning Talks (for enrolled students only): Kristin Merony-Sleeper, Doctoral Student, Department of Society and Conservation