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The UM BRIDGES program is offering a numeracy workshop, to be taught by Dr. Rebecca Bendick from the Geosciences Department. The workshop will be offered over 4 weeks during the spring semester. 1 graduate level credit is available (optional) for the workshop. 

Numeracy is as fundamental to our modern society as literacy, but it gets much less attention.  Numbers, mathematics, and quantitative reasoning underpin almost all of the decisions and debates that face us every day at every level.  During this workshop, you will explore tools and tricks for using numbers skillfully, comfortably, and powerfully.  Whether you fear math or love it, but recognize its centrality in understanding the science and solutions surrounding current events, this is a workshop for you.

Topics will include:
1. Basic tools for understanding quantitative problems
    - Introduction, case studies, orders of magnitude, dimensional analysis, Fermi problems
    - Equations of state vs. empirical relations, frequentist statistics, curve-fitting
2. Signal processing
    - Time and space series and Fourier methods
    - Bayesian methods and forecasting
 3. Change and nonlinearity
    - Calculus, ODEs, PDEs, potential fields
    - Stability analysis and bifurcation
4. Emerging methods
    - Numerical simulation
    - Data mining and machine learning

The workshop will meet two days per week over four weeks. Location TBA.
Mondays 11:30-1:50pm
Thursdays 12:30-1:50pm
January 28 (1/28 and 1/31)
February 4 (2/4 and 2/7)
February 25 (2/25 and 2/28)
March 4 (3/4 and 3/7)

You may register for 1 credit, credit-no credit (requires attendance at all meetings); GEO 595, Special Topics, CRN 35573. You will need consent of instructor.

Please sign up for the workshop (whether planning to take for a credit or not) here: