Welcome to FinanceHUB - Axiom budgeting software.

You will be prompted to enter your net ID to access the software.  Please download and follow the guides in the Resources section below.  It is best to start with the Navigation basics guide.  Please contact our office if you have any issues logging into the software.  Email:

You can also access the FinanceHUB Sandbox  - The test environment is set up as a live budget cycle.  Test data entry, saving and submitting budgets.


Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is FinanceHUB?  FinanceHUB is the newest financial planning, management and reporting tool. FinanceHUB will be used during the annual budget planning process, but can also be used through the fiscal year as an information and reporting tool.
  • How do I access the software?  Navigate to in your browser. NetID & Password are required for access.
  • What browser should be used?  Google Chrome (preferred) Firefox, Microsoft Edge. Safari is not a supported browser.  Popups should be allowed to open Budget and Labor Planfiles.  
  • Who can access FinanceHUB?  User seats are currently limited.  Fiscal Managers who have been contacted by the Office of Budget, Planning & Analysis and fully trained are the only ones who will have access to FinanceHUB at this time.
  • Is FinanceHUB replacing any current budget reporting tools?  Currently, FinanceHUB will not be replacing any of the tools available to Fiscal Mangers. There are plans, in the future, to phase some of those tools out in favor of FinanceHUB. More information will be communicated as it becomes available.
  • Why is my save button greyed out?  You are not in an active step in the workflow process.  See the Planfile Process Guide for more information.

Contact Us

If you have questions about the FinanceHUB system please email